Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is driven by the ‘Process First’ mindset. Process development that involves discovery, design and definition of EPM processes is critical and often the most neglected part. It demands knowledge in the EPM space and industry-specific expertise that is hard to find.

None of the legacy solutions in the current market address this critical aspect. They are designed to enable organisations to execute performance management processes with no capabilities to develop processes.

With over 100+ years of combined experience in this space, we wanted to be the flag bearers of this disruption. We used our combined expertise and cross-industry knowledge to address the ‘EPM process development’ gap.

A repository of 100+ business reference models were created to match all possible EPM needs of the organisation. These reference models are based on best practices and contain all the relevant components required for modeling and process execution. They cover a wide span of EPM use cases like strategic, ffinancial ,operational and peop/e processes.

All the business reference models are designed to help business users kick-start their performance management processes like budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, profitability analysis and reporting. These repositories of knowledge help organisations benefit from the available industry best practices and create robust EPM processes.

Superior Customer experience is at the heart of our every engagement. Our 50-member team has been part of over 150+ enteprise performance management projects across real estate, hospitality, hotel, retail, IT & IT services, automotive, telecommunication, energy, transportation and many more industries.

“Enterprise Performance Management is not one-time me activity; it is a journey.”

With this vast cross industry experience, we are completely aware of all the touch points a business user may go through in their EPM journey. Based on these touch points, we use the People, Process and Technology (We call it the ‘PPT’ framework) resources to empower the users for a smooth EPM journey.

From capturing their requirements for process design to addressing their change requests, we adopt a customer-centric approach to reduce friction and empower users to own their EPM processes. Hence, we are no longer a vendor but a partner in their Enterprise Performance Management journey. This led to various long- term engagements with our customers because of the trust they have in our competency and capability.

JustPerform is a cloud-native intelligent and unified platform for enterprises to plan, consolidate,  report, and analyse.

It empowers business users, transforms processes, and develops agility through simplified Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

With its three foundational pillars of Business Process Focus, Intuitive user experience and Governance, it brings speed, scalability and audit to EPM initiatives.

JustPerform is headquartered in Singapore with wholly-owned subsidiaries in California and India.

At JustPerform, we have a customer-first culture. We use customer’s valuable insights to drive our product development, service and support. Gartner rewarded us with the ‘Customer First Badge’ to highlight our commitment to our customers.

To learn more, visit:

Website: https://www.justperform.com


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