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To live a healthy life and longevity starts with the food and beverage we intake. Especially in this time of pandemic with all what’s happening around us, how do we maintain to be healthy and fit?

An online organic coffee store named PMS Coffee PH has got it all covered for you! PMS Coffee PH offers a variety of green coffee flavors that has commendable benefits of weight loss, powerful antioxidants, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure. The coffee flavors include: Yuri Healthy Coffee, Purple Corn 15-in-1 Coffee, Collagen Coffee, Buah Merah with Turmeric Coffee, 9-in-1 Mangosteen Coffee and the bestseller, 11-in-1 Green Coffee. 

PMS Coffee PH also introduced Vitamin C capsules; PMS Beau-C with Rosehips and Guava extracts, Beau- C Vitamin C available in a box or in a bottle/ Blister Foil for increasing body resistance from infectious diseases and also Lipoglow 17-in-1 Juice for whitening and slimming body.

For inquiries, send your orders now via message on Facebook or contact (0910 822 2300) or email PMS Coffee PH at You can also visit their website at


This 2021, start living a healthier life with eating clean and healthy food! Established in 2016, Healthy Fresh Organics offers fresh and certified organic produce  fruits, veggies, salads and smoothies, poultry and eggs, meats, seafoods mainly sourced from Benguet.

An online organic store where you can find fresh CERTIFIED ORGANIC products. No pesticides, no chemicals, grown naturally.

Get a dose of healthy mix of organic fruits and veggies in a bottle with Healthy Fresh Organics: Veggie for P 120.00, Passion fruit for P130.00, Pine Kale P130.00, Mixed Berry for P140.00 and Wheatgrass Berry for P140.00.

Healthy Fresh Organics also introduced new Malunggay Flavor and Ginger for boosting immune system and organic strawberries and corn. Produced straight from farms with zero pesticide, zero chemicals and zero growth booster, enjoy living a healthier life with Healthy Fresh Organics!

For more inquiries, visit Healthy Fresh Organics on Facebook and send your orders via messenger, Viber (0922-8777046) or order through website at

Recharge your body with GREENLAB

Happy to share with you GreenLab’s cold-pressed juices to supplement your diet, boost your immune system and cleanse your body!

Green Lab Juice Station (formerly Juice of the Day) started in April 2020 while the owner was preparing healthy breakfast for his parents and siblings. He never thought that a simple experiment of fruit and vegetable juice combination posted online would be an avenue to sharing an advocacy of wellness and disease prevention.

GreenLab’s offerings comes in different flavors:

Pure Celery Juice


Beetroot Classic

Prime Detox


Orange Sunshine



Sweet Potato

Beetroot Trio

For more of their great products please visit Green Lab Juice Station | Facebook

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Surviving and Thriving In the New Normal

Who would’ve thought that we would live through a pandemic in our lifetime? We are all witness to how COVID has brought halts and delays to more or less everything worldwide.  According to the World Health Organization, there are already around 1.6M deaths because of this virus with a whopping 71.6 M cases worldwide and counting. The Philippines alone has more than 400,000 confirmed cases, and deaths are close to 9,000 as of December 2020.

But just like what happened more than a century ago during the deadly Spanish influenza pandemic, the world will also resiliently ease up and adapt with the creation of its vaccine. 

The Philippines, in particular, is already in full swing towards recovery in the new normal as more activities and businesses spring back, while maintaining utmost thought and care for this situation. Although this makes sense for the economy, we shouldn’t let our guard down and take this lightly. 

Moreover, we should find ways on how to protect ourselves and be assured when we start to go out. Thankfully, COCOGEN, with its compassionate and genuine heart for the Filipino, has launched COVID-19 Assist+, which provides benefits to those affected by the disease. Aside from financial protection from an accident, clients can get financial aid such as cash assistance in case of death and hospital allowance for a maximum of 15 days while they focus on their recovery. This is part of their commitment to provide Filipinos with an easy and affordable way to have peace of mind amidst this time of uncertainty.

Filipinos have definitely found an ally with COCOGEN with its newest personal accident product. These things are some of the essentials we should not skimp on especially during this time. In case something happens such as death, disablement, and/or injuries, we feel secured and relieved in a way that we leave little to no financial burden to our loved ones from the said disease.

Moreover, the insurance plan is offered in two affordable packages to cater to every Juan dela Cruz, with its basic plan for as low as Php 50, to its prime package that comes for only Php 75. With a genuine desire to help every Filipino, these packages can cover people for up to three months, giving clients the capability to have a maximum of two coverages of either the same package or a combination of its basic and premium plans, with the option to renew it again upon expiration.

Hope is in sight, knowing that proven and tested vaccines are on their way. However, to remain hygienic, healthy, mindful, and cautious in our actions should still top our list of priorities at this point. Include COCOGEN COVID-19 Assist+, a new essential for Filipinos in this new normal on that list, as well. 

Get your new essential today and purchase your COCOGEN COVID-19 Assist+ online or read more about the product here. 

Go Beyond Ordinary with Kojiesan’s improved lotions

Go Beyond Ordinary with Kojiesan’s improved lotions These lotions deliver 72-hour moisture lock to keep skin soft and smooth longer Kojiesan has always been committed to making its products better than ever.

After introducing the newest kojic acid skin lightening innovation called Zero Pigment Light, this brand is once again pushing itself further to Go Beyond Ordinary with its improved line of lotions. Kojiesan Skin Lightening Body Lotion with HydroMoist and Kojiesan Skin Lightening Body Lotion SPF25 with HydroMoist are now infused with the Zero Pigment Light technology, its latest Kojic Acid skin lightening innovation that zeroes in on your dark spots, age spots, scars, melasma, and hyperpigmentation giving you a lighter even skin tone.

Moisturizing the skin is an important step in keeping it soft, radiant, and healthy-looking all day long. Both Kojiesan’s lotions contain HydroMoist, a new formulation that gives hydration to your skin while locking in the moisture. Kojiesan Skin Lightening Body Lotion with HydroMoist has a light, non-greasy formula that’s easily absorbed to help restore and strengthen your skin barrier and minimize the appearance of rough skin and stretch marks. What’s more, it delivers on a unique 72-hour moisture lock that keeps skin soft and smooth longer.

Meanwhile, Kojiesan Skin Lightening Body Lotion SPF25 with HydroMoist also contains UVA/UVB Filters to protect your skin from harsh environmental factors that can lead to skin damage and hasten the onset of wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. Plus, both lotion variants are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. To achieve the full benefits of Kojiesan’s carefully formulated products, it’s best to use either of these lotions with popular soap variants Kojiesan Skin Lightening Classic Soap and Kojiesan Skin Lightening HydroMoist Soap for a softer and more even-toned complexion. Why settle for something less when you can Go Beyond Ordinary? With Kojiesan’s improved skin lightening body lotions, you can achieve a healthier glow while addressing your specific skin concerns. Get exciting updates and information at @KojiesanPH on Facebook and Instagram at Kojiesan is available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide, as well as Kojiesan’s official LazMall on Lazada and Beauty MNL.

Head & Shoulders Gives Exclusive Sneak Peek to Bea And Alden’s Movie

Head & Shoulders Gives Exclusive Sneak Peek to Bea And Alden’s Movie Staying at home for months has had us bawl and cry our hearts out over a number of love teams in the numerous romcoms and dramas we’ve binged over the quarantine. But with the current situation, there has been a lack of local films as our favorite OTPs are on hiatus in the big screen. Like their dramas, the lack of local romcoms has been heart breaking, gut-wrenching, and has left us craving the kilig.

But that didn’t stop Head & Shoulders from serving us with the electrifying on-screen chemistry of Alden Richards and Bea Alonzo. With their new endorsement and the release of their advertisement, Bea and Alden gave us all the kilig we’ve been wanting to feel and that made them undeniably one of the biggest love teams to date!

The comments sections of their Compliment Wars and First Impressions videos blew up with fans raving and requesting for a movie team-up. While we’re not able to enjoy a big screen release with Bea and Alden as a love team yet, we actually get to see them test their chemistry with a short “itch not you” skit. We don’t want to spill all the beans for you, but Alden had a valid reason why ‘itch not Bea.’ You don’t want your loved ones to leave you for itch. When you itch, it’s time to switch to Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo! Head & Shoulders always has our scalps covered with protection against scalp germs, itch, and an oily scalp.

They even upgraded with a new formula that features new, and better scents. What more can you ask for in an anti-dandruff shampoo when Head & Shoulders can keep you itch-free, 100% dandruff-free, and maintain fragrant hair all day! Itch Not You, Itch a Challenge Ignite the inner Bea or Alden within you and get a chance to win 1-year supply of Head & Shoulders products and the Oh! Scratch package! Just duet with Andrea Brillantes or Kyle Echarri’s #ItchNotYou TikTok video and post it on your TikTok or Twitter with the hashtag #ItchNotYou. Kyle and Andrea will be choosing the 6 lucky winners of 1-year supply of Head & Shoulders products. Entries are valid until December 16. Duet now for more chances of itch-free moments. You might just find your Alden or Bea and experience kilig that’s dandruff-free and itch-free. Save yourself from itch-uations when you use Head & Shoulders!

New-Found Secret Ingredient in Maintaining Their Damage-Free

These Filipina Celebrities Share Their New-Found Secret Ingredient in Maintaining Their Damage-Free, Long Hair If you randomly survey Filipinas on their gold standard of beautiful hair, chances are, you will get the answer of long, straight, and shiny hair. In the Philippines, long hair is put on a pedestal (hence the compliment haba ng hair), not solely for its beauty, but also because of how challenging it is to maintain.

The truth about long hair is that it’s more susceptible to damage and breakage. Women who grow their hair long would have more frequent trips to the salon to get a trim or a treatment just to keep hair damage at bay. But the lifelong question is — is this really the fate of women who love to keep their locks long?

New Pantene Long Hair Solutions just unlocked the secret to damage-free hair Pantene has just unlocked this age-old secret ingredient that keeps long hair beautiful and strong, and it lies in the power of the rice oil essence. From a 2000-year old Japanese tradition of using rice water to wash hair to keep long hair beautiful, Pantene distilled and extracted the rice oil essence in Wakayama, home to the Aragi-jima Rice Terraces, and blended this ingredient with its Pro-Vitamin formula.

The New Pantene Long Hair Solutions with Pro-Vitamin Formula & Japanese Rice Oil Essence contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to help fortify the lipids inside each hair strand while the Japanese Rice Oil Essence strengthens its outer coating. It ultimately repairs damaged hair and keep it protected from external factors, allowing the hair to grow longer, stronger, and beautifully smoother.

Take a look at these Pantene girls who discovered the #PanteneLongHairSolutions that finally gave them the freedom from their hair-damage worries. Sofia Andres shares on her Instagram post, “Growing up, I always found maintaining long, healthy hair difficult to achieve because I thought long hair came with split ends and damage. But now, I’m excited that I can finally grow my hair without worrying about damage!”

Now a believer on the power of rice oil essence, Gabbi Garcia posted, “It has the power to not just repair hair damage, but also PREVENT hair damage even before it happens because it strengthens your hair from inside out.”

Ry Velasco pairs her Pantene Long Hair Solutions Total Damage Care Shampoo with her trusted 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, “Super amazed by how this rice oil ingredient can really moisturize my hair and scalp. I usually pair this with the 3 Minute Miracle Total Damage Care Conditioner so that I can have long, healthy, and smooth hair all day.” Pantene Long Hair Solutions gives Filipinas the freedom to grow their hair long and strong just the way they’ve always wanted.

The constant fear of having hair damage and split ends will finally be put to rest, and now the only thing they need to worry about is having great hair that is too beautiful to cut. You can maintain your beautifully long, and damage-free hair right at the comfort of your home when you checkout the Pantene Long Hair Solutions from the Pantene website.

NOVUHAIR Petite: Less is more

The reality of adhering to the different pandemic-related health protocols until this global health crisis is under control while slowly relaxing the expansive social restrictions to boot up the economy refers to our “new normal”.

ADP Pharma Corporation introduces to the island of Luzon the new NOVUHAIR® Petite, the fit and clear-cut choice to meet the ever-changing needs and essentials in facing the challenges and the impact of the new normal.

Read more:

But why choose NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion?

  • Formulated with 19 of nature’s finest and standardized herbal extracts and essential oils that work in synergy to help prevent and reduce the progression of hair loss
  • Clinically proven safe and effective by a clinical trial designed by and for Filipinos
  • No harmful chemicals such parabens and sulfates
  • Proudly Philippine-made, FDA-registered, compliant to the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive and USA Cosmetic Guidelines
  • Comes in a 200mL bottle good for about 4 months use

NOVUHAIR® Petite will be available online and offline soon for the special price of ₱1,990 good for 2 months, highly recommended to those experiencing excessive hair shedding and to those who have been clamoring for a smaller pack for trial purposes. Sounds good?

NOVUHAIR® products are available at all Mercury Drug stores and other leading drugstores nationwide and online at Lazada, Shopee and

May this new offer help you feel secured and happy despite the woes of hair loss during this pandemic crisis and gain so much more value in your life.

Choose natural. Nothing to lose.

For more updates about NOVUHAIR® Petite, follow our Facebook page and Instagram account @NovuhairOfficial.

NOVUHAIR Celebrates 10.10

2020 marks the 10th successful year of NOVUHAIRin the Philippines and what a better way to celebrate this milestone by launching the NOVU VIP CLUB.

The NOVU VIP CLUB is designed to guide, inspire and take the journey together with its members a holistic approach in managing hair loss especially during this global health crisis. Supported by a pool of 10 VIP Coaches, the members are given the opportunity to engage directly with the experts and at the same time enjoy the exciting monthly perks.

The Philippines’ Health, Beauty & Wellness guru Ms. Cory Quirino joins NOVUHAIR® and completes the list of high-caliber professionals from different fields of expertise tagged “VIP Coaches”: Fanny Serrano (Salon & Beauty VIP Coach), Hon. Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso (Leadership VIP Coach), Jim Saret (Fitness VIP Coach), Toni Saret (Fitness & Nutrition VIP Coach), Dr. Cecile Catapang (Aesthetic & Rejuvenation VIP Coach), Dr. Risa Caldoza-De Leon (Dermatology & Beauty VIP Coach), Dr. Harris Acero (Wellness & Nutrition VIP Coach), Alopecia Warrior Abby Asistio (Inspirational VIP Coach), Master Hans Cua (Feng Shui VIP Coach) and finally, the addition of Ms. Cory Quirino (Health, Beauty & Wellness VIP Coach).

Discover how to become an exclusive member and enjoy the monthly perks.

Find out more:

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