How do you plan to glow brighter than ever this year? Get yourself ready to reveal smoother and whiter skin with Urbanessense Skin Essentials! Stock up your Urbanessence Skin Essentials as low as P99 starting 12AM this Lazada 2.2 Women Fest Feb 2-4, 2021. Urbanessence Skin Essentials top-seller picks include: Beauty Wand; a multi-functional skin... Continue Reading →


Say Goodbye to Hair Damage with Haircare’s Newest Rice Oil Essence Trend If it’s worth any consolation, 2020 has been such an inventive year for the beauty community. The beauty world has been constantly introducing big ingredient innovations we’ve never seen possible before. Just take a look at the micellar and collagen trends that were... Continue Reading →


In the middle of the ongoing pandemic, only the strong can rise to go against the norm. While a lot of companies have been forced to stand down and close shop, High Breed chose to rise to the challenge and so High Breed Lifestyle Clothing was born. Keeping comfort in mind and the penchant of... Continue Reading →


Bayong Kultura derives from Kapampangan Word:Bayu - which means Bago (Tagalog) or New in EnglishBayong Kultura; Bagong Kultura; New CultureSeller of modern, classy and elegant Bayong Bags.Traditional bayong bags with a twist. I recommend Bayong Kultura Bags, it's simple, affordable but elegant. Here's mine , my summer bag outfit. You can avail their products thru... Continue Reading →


Lovers of fashion, be ready! The Philippine Fashion Revolution is upon us. With less than a month to go, the world will soon be able to witness once more the beauty of Philippine Weaves fused with typical fabrics in this modern and digital word. This revolutionary fashion show will be unlike any other fashion show... Continue Reading →

Become our Reseller

Just an ordinary employee? How about adding a little bit of extra to it? Be your own boss and start your own business! Think like the inner entrepreneur that you are and ask these extra questions to yourself: • How can I start my own business FAST? • Can I start even with a SMALL... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Unli Warts Away!

Can’t get out on a rainy day? Uplift your self - esteem by reclaiming divine clear skin with our Unlimited Warts Removal Treatment. Zap away those excessive skin growths to prevent them from spreading. Warts are communicable when we share our soaps, towels and in any activity with skin to skin contact. Through our painless... Continue Reading →

Kérastase 20th Anniversary Launch

In a world in which hair routine was purely about hygiene, Kérastase invented itscare for hair philosophy in 1964. Since then, the brand has been offering women and men bespoke products and treatments that satisfy the desire for exceptional hair. To date, Kérastase continues to embody a new era of luxury, femininity, and effortless cool through... Continue Reading →

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