Laguna’s Liberica and Benguet’s Arabica win Silver and Bronze at the Global Coffee Championship in Korea

Two of the country’s coffee made history at the Global Coffee Championship held recently in Kintex, Korea.

Philippine’s Liberica and Arabica coffee took on some of the best coffees in the globe and captured Silver and Bronze at the Global Coffee Championship Signature Coffee Award: Latte and Signature Coffee Award: Brewer.

Michael Harris Conlin, 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion represented the country in the competitions. “It is an honor to represent the country and have the opportunity to highlight Philippine coffee in the world stage. I love coffee competitions. I enjoy the pressure and pushing my skills to the limit; this is one of the best ways to bring the best out of myself and grow as a coffee professional,” said Conlin.

Out of over 30 competitors per category, Sta. Maria, Laguna’s Liberica won the Silver award in Signature Coffee Award: Latte; while Balili, Benguet’s Arabica won the Bronze award in the Signature Coffee Award: Brewer. The coffee competition was judged by 12 world class coffee experts in a blind round of judging with the Judges not knowing who the Barista was.

“When the opportunity came up to join a brewing and latte competition that is judged purely on sensory and blind with the Judges not knowing who the Barista was, I felt it was the best way to see how Philippine Arabica and Latte would fair against some of the best baristas and coffees from around the world,” added Conlin.

Most barista competitions put focus on the Barista. It’s rare that the barista takes the back seat, and the coffee gets a chance to take the main stage to compete in a global coffee competition.

Conlin’s Henry & Sons team worked closely with coffee farmers from the Juan Santiago Agriculture Cooperative (JSACOOP), an OTOPreneur from Santa Maria, Laguna, and the Dado family of Agnep @benguetarabica farm in processing and introducing the country’s Laguna Liberica and Benguet Arabica to the world.

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