AltoSuite Intensifies Technology Innovation in the Philippines

At the recently concluded CMAP  (Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines) Conference 2022 held at Edsa Shangri-La Manila in Mandaluyong, AltoSuite held a press briefing to formally announce its strong presence in the Philippines, as the first solution to deliver an intelligent, flexible and user-friendly application for  growing businesses working in the New Normal.

Vince Poon (3rd from left) AltoSuite’s CEO and Co-Founder, Thomas Choy-Director of Operations, Ailene Lopez-Technical Consultant with VIP Access Media Productions Kris Geronimo, Kathy Catalan and Zhjan dela Pena

As CEO and Founder Vince Poon tells the media people : “The past 2 years changed our lives, and we observed a massive growth in E-Commerce especially in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. Working with one of the largest E-Commerce platforms, Lazada, made us see the hunger of new entrepreneurs and traditional Philippine businesses in digitizing their transactions to grow, upgrade and expand rapidly and quickly.”

AltoSuite caters to supply chains (transportation  companies, warehouses, and distribution of physical goods) and E-Commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee; offers 2 products namely order inventory system and warehouse management system, for a more efficient and effective E-Commerce implementation for online selling and warehouse management. As Solutions Consultant  Miss Ailene  Lopez emphasizes : “ this app is offering a solution, a HELP  for good customer experience, from status updating, tracking information,, shipment status, and  even in generating invoice. Thus ,AltoSuite  is giving a  lean and effective  way of  HELPING the customer in managing better  his  business operations.” (visit www.zhenhub,com , contact 09953101660 or 09178153189).

E-Commerce is booming, and AltoSuite is gearing up to be the Number 1 software solutions provider in the Philippines. Customization sets it apart from others, with a limitless software, and a very affordable price estimated at P539/month/customer. No wonder even the established companies and businesses are using AltoSuite app.

“Our system thrives because we are highly focused on operational levels for our customers, and we want to emphasize that customers and businesses in the Philippines are very important to us.” reiterates Vince Poon. He shared his excitement as he talks to business owners everyday. And how his team  drove for 3 hours from the  office to the site to observe “how the company we visited , and each stakeholder uses the different layers of our system, and how we can make their business run efficiently and effectively, thereby  further expand domestically and globally. “ Director of Operations Thomas Choy understands that “ in our daily operations, not all are good in IT, so we take that into consideration, and we have a simple interface, very easy.” Miss Ailene Lopez further explains  that the app’s user- friendly interface is really so straightforward, transparent, and not complicated. The key word for AltoSuite is HELP the customer, and not to add pain of understanding the software itself.

AltoSuite has  a 24/7 chat support, email support, and once a customer signs a contract, he is assigned an account manager that attends to his queries. The Philippines is more into messenger, while international clients are more into whatsapp and wechat.

Mr. Poon assures  us of the highest level of data protection because “of our innate integrations with platforms like Amazon. Thus  we strictly adhere to data privacy policy. Especially in this day and age, people want to protect their privacy.”

As AltoSuite seeks domination in the Philippines, it is also working on ISO ( International  Organization for Standardization ) Accreditation before 2023.

Take Your Shot at Delta Lions Shooting Range

Many people fantasize about being in a thrilling action movie, fighting bad guys with precise gun shooting. However, guns should be handled responsibly, and carrying a handgun with you can be dangerous and not to mention illegal in some places. 

The good news is that you can live your action star fantasies in a safe and controlled environment. Located at Bocaue, Bulacan, Delta Lions Shooting Range is a renowned firing range that allows you to practice your shooting skills under the care and instruction of certified experts. 

Delta Lions Shooting Range has been used as the training ground for the mega-popular teleserye, Ang Probinsyano. Cardo Dalisay himself, actor Coco Martin, trained in their grounds to prepare for his iconic action show. In this popular gun range, you can walk in Cardo’s footsteps or practice shooting his shots. 

Moreover, Delta Lions Shooting Range is a preferred training ground for security guard agencies in the country. This demonstrates how effectively this venue hones one’s gun handling skills. 

There’s more to Delta Lions than a place to make your action star dreams come true. Training at a gun range like Delta Lions Shooting Range can help you enjoy many benefits. Here are some reasons why you should take your shot:

It improves your self-confidence. Practicing your marksmanship and seeing your progress can boost your self-esteem. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as hitting the bull’s eye of a tricky shot. When you’re more confident, you handle stressful situations better, and the only way to take your shooting skills to the next level is through practice, practice and practice. 

It increases your mental discipline. Much to the surprise of many, shooting sports require incredible mental discipline. You can sharpen your concentration and creative thinking when your eyes are on the target. 

It enhances your hand-eye coordination. Focusing on a target, aiming, and sending a bullet toward the 10-ring requires a tremendous amount of hand-eye coordination. When you become a skilled marksman, you can use your improved hand-eye coordination in other areas of your life.

It’s a welcome change of scenery. Most people have been stuck at home for the past two years, and now that pandemic restrictions are easing up, it’s the perfect time to go on an adventure and try something new. Delta Lions Shooting Range is located about 40 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. You get to stimulate your senses and do something exciting like practicing social distancing. 

It broadens your social life. You meet people from all walks of life when you visit a shooting range. There are professional police officers looking for extra training, people looking to let out some stress, and even people who want to try something new. Ranges are a great place to meet new people and form bonds through your shared experience. It can also be motivating to see others perform at high levels. 

Best of all, practicing marksmanship at Delta Lions Shooting Range can be a great stress-relieving activity. If you’re looking to let out some steam and shoot your shot, you should schedule a visit to Delta Lions Shooting Range. 

For more information about Delta Lions Shooting Range check out Delta Lions Shooting Range on Facebook.