Diana Stalder by Dermaline, Inc. has been true to its word which is “The promise of a better you” for more than two (2) decades now and still counting.

It all began twenty-five (25) years ago with the birth of Diana Stalder Facial Centre (formerly known as Dermaline ).  This caters to all your skin care needs from head to toe.  It offers consultations, services and treatments for your skin.  They also developed their own line of Diana Stalder products manufactured by their sister company, Stalder Laboratories, Inc. or SLI, like soaps, cream, lotions, deodorants, feminine and masculine washes, to name a few, plus other regimen kits for face, body and underarm whitening, acne treatment, anti-aging and more.

Diana Stalder or DS did not stop there.  It continued to develop and research  further to make you feel and look better inside out. Since beauty and wellness are our concern, two (2) more DS branches were conceptualized.  They are DS Café and DS Flower Shop.

What you eat is who you are, right?  If you eat unhealthy food, it is evident on your skin, health condition, body figure, energy and even in your disposition in life.  Thus, DS Café was established to serve delicious and nutritious food and drinks which are all beneficial for the body. DS Café is a healthy food and beverage hub, offering a variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly food, consisting mainly of organic greens, protein-rich dishes with fibrous brown rice, zesty healthy sandwiches, and fresh fruit juices at an affordable prices. DS Café also prepares the food of the SPArties held at DS Facial Center to ensure that everything they serve are clean and good to our body. DS Café has a wide variety of food and drinks to choose from.

According to researches, flowers have long-term effect on moods.  Studies reveal that receiving flowers help decrease anxiety, agitation and various negative emotions. Merely looking at flowers lifts up one’s spirit.  Scientifically speaking, when one receives flowers, certain chemicals in the brain (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin) which are responsible for individual happiness are triggered.   Even giving flowers have a positive effect on the giver.  With holistic wellness in mind, DS Flower Shop was established.  DS believes that flowers do not only beautify our surroundings but also induce in us a positive outlook on life, boost energy and provide happiness.

You can count on DS Facial Center, DS Café and DS Flower Shop to work hand in hand to promote beauty and wellness to assist everyone to become a better version of themselves…and that’s a PROMISE!

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