Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo is an international Fellow of Integrative Medicine and International Diplomate of Whole Medical Systems of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

A man does not need to have children to be considered a father. Take the case of Dr. Paolo Bellosillo, one of the most respected doctors in the country and you will know why he is considered a Father to many. A father is someone who gives guidance in life. He is someone that you can count on. He is someone that you can run to in times of need to give you wisdom on how to go about life. All these and more are what Doc Pao, as he is fondly called, does for his patients.

Doc Pao’s areas of continuing education and certification are in nutritional medicine, sports nutrition, preventive cardiology, environmental medicine, regenerative medicine, pandemics and cause of human diseases from prestigious schools such as the University of Bridgeport School of medicine, Harvard Medicine, University of Arizona Integrative Medicine, University of Bath, Leeds, St. George London, IAH Germany.

Much of his practice involved healing of chronic and degenerative diseases. In his latest passion project, Doc Pao will be introducing an eBook containing recipes of dishes that will greatly boost one’s immune system. Through this, you will see that Doc Pao goes above and beyond what other doctors do for their patients because he sees them as if they were his own child.

Doc Pao may not yet have his own offspring but to many, he is the epitome of what a Father truly is. We can definitely say that when Doc Pao has his own kids, they will be truly blessed to have Dr. Paolo Bellosillo as their Dad.

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