Safely bouncing back together

“Sa ngayon, pangamba at pagdududa ang pumipigil sa ating ibalik ang dating buhay. Pero aangat tayong muli, dahil may isang bagay na hindi kayang kunin ng COVID sa atin. Ito ang ating pagiging matibay at determinado.”

Impactful, encouraging, and deeply needed. These are some of the most common responses you will see in the “Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat” video that filled the news feeds this month. The production is part of Ingat Angat, a private sector-led campaign that aims to re-start the Philippine economy by empowering Filipinos with vigilance. 

It’s not surprising. For so long, many Filipinos were wondering what will happen next as we watch the pandemic hit the nation. Worries were piling up as we all stayed inside of our homes, afraid of the unseen. With “Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat”, it was shown that new normal can also be faced with smiles; fears still present but laced with renewed trust to others.

One of the most uplifting scenes in the video was witnessing the country’s biggest brands banded together in one frame. Usually in tight competitions to win the consumers’ hearts, to see them united in a mission brought a sense of boosted hope to many. 

The message is clear: Ingat Angat believes in Filipinos’ solidarity. That by washing hands frequently, wearing a mask and face shield at all times and maintaining distance from others in our everyday life, the country will get back on our feet safely and surely. 

Photo taken: Rade Dish Cignal Store opening: June 2019

The truth is, it is already happening. Beyond the viral video, you can also learn stories of resilience anywhere in the Philippines. Take for example Jayson Sarno, a former agent-installer of Cignal. Starting small by canvassing house to house and getting stocks from distributors, Sarno is now an owner of Rade Dish Argao. 

“Wala pa kaming pwesto dati. Simula noong nagkaroon kami ng store, ‘yong kita namin naging sapat na para makabili kami ng bahay, ng sasakyan. Hanggang sa nakapag-branch out na ako.” he said.

With the pandemic happening, Sarno’s partnership with Cignal helped him survive the struggles in their operations. Guided by safety measures in doing their day-to-day business, Rade Dish Argao was able to survive the hits of COVID-19 and maintain being one of the leading dealers of Cignal. 

Sarno’s story echoes “Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat” faith. “Walang kasiguraduhan ang mga susunod na araw. Ang sigurado lang, ay kapag isinapuso natin ang pag-iingat, aangat tayong muli.” He’s not the only one believing as Cignal sees a rise in the number of Filipinos ready to get back on their feet. 

As there is no franchise fee being required, being a dealer is becoming one of the go-to options for many. Cignal is known to be committed in providing awesome viewing experience to millions of families nationwide. With their equally-awesome offer to potential partners, the company is also helping in rebuilding our country by providing livelihood opportunities to many Filipinos. Due to the continuous vigilance being practiced by community quarantine, the demand for more dealers within the vicinity is high. Being a Cignal partner is like hitting two birds with one stone; helping the economy by doing business and helping Filipinos by making sure they don’t need to go far to avail their needs.

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