Adapting to the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a rapid and unexpected closure of casinos
and gaming venues across Australia and the Asia Pacific, changing the
operating environment with unprecedented speed and leaving managers
scrambling to adapt to the new realities.
This month, Asia Gaming Brief, the organizers of the ASEAN Gaming
Summit, teamed up with the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE), and
Forecast Australia to conduct a Australasia-wide survey, asking about how
venues have handled the ever-evolving crisis.
More than 500 gaming venues across Australia and New Zealand were
surveyed, and the results have opened up some very interesting lines of
Among the results, the majority of venues across the countries still expect
it to be a year before a full recovery can be achieved. However, lessons
are being learned as to how to adjust business strategies to mitigate the
Among the clear standouts is a greater focus on the communication and
loyalty of both customers and staff.
The survey shares valuable insights that translate into actionable business
intelligence for any operator tasked with managing a business both safely
and profitably.
For those interested to see how Australasian Gaming operators have been
impacted by coronavirus lockdowns, and the strategies they have used to
mitigate its effects, results of the survey can be accessed via
the website in three different formats.

Key data points from the survey are presented in an easy to assimilate
Find answers to questions such as the impact of Covid-19 on visitation
levels and what were the most popular measures to ensure social
distancing between EGMs.
Find when staffing levels will return to normal and what the key stumbling
blocks are when it comes to handling cash flow.
The infographic is available for $50 + GST.
The full market report provides an analysis of the survey results, detailing
important trends observed in the data. The Market Report integrates data
from the questionnaire with other industry research from government and
commercial sources to provide a comprehensive view of the current state
of the industry.
The report provides business intelligence to help shape future planning
and strategy, sharing key insights from others in the industry.
The full market report and infographic can be purchased for $999 + GST.
The dashboard provides a deeper dive into the available data in a fully
interactive format, allowing the user to tailor the information to suit the
needs of their individual business.
The data can be sorted by region, venue type, metropolitan area and
much more, providing multiple opportunities for industry comparison
across a wide variety of data points.
The interactive dashboard, full market report and infographic can be
purchased for $1,999 + GST.
More information and pricing can be found on

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