Top Expert Tips on How to Earn Online and Scale-up despite the Pandemic

Here’s how you can earn up to 50,000 Php despite the pandemic using social media tools and online selling.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle or a new routine initially seems insurmountable. With COVID-19 too, we are seeing an unprecedented shift in the scheme of things as people, businesses, economies and governments are trying to adjust to the drastic change and slowly carve a way out in the ‘new normal’.

Amidst this raging crisis, one of the foremost concerns faced by ordinary Filipinos is how to sustain a livelihood braving the odds posed by the deadly virus. To address this all-pervasive concern, we got on board Jijo De Guzman, Photographer and Entrepreneur, to share some valuable insights to earn that green despite the challenging times. “In this pandemic, the best way to ensure a stable income is to become entrepreneurial. Being an employee these days doesn’t offer much lucrative potential. Learn how to do business and start one. It doesn’t have to be big right away. Start small and just help it grow steadily,” opines Guzman.

The ace photographer in speaking shared that aside from a concrete backing to prosper as an entrepreneur, a person must learn how to ace the right tools like E-commerce and Social media assets to their advantage, especially during this time of crisis, “There are many ways to sell. It really depends on what unique or different you are offering to the market. E-commerce platforms like Zilingo, Shopee, and Lazada could go a long way to help those who want to embark on their own online business. On the other hand for those lo0oki9ng for supplies and products to sell you may check  Zilingo Trade. They cater to MSME with options to buy goods in bulk or wholesale then resell it using their preferred platform then amplify it using Instagram and Facebook. But the important thing to note is that you need to be creative and engaging. People must remember your product or service.”

Jijo further explained that the biggest challenge during this crisis is offering something that is suitable and practical to the present needs. In particular, finding a good product that is fairly priced and also has an apt consumer demand is requisite. Hence, it is imperative now more than ever, to identify and address what the customer deems is essential and accordingly offer to the table. “During the lockdown, I first entered an online sale by offering milk to my neighbors. I got the Milk supplies at a much affordable price from Zilingo, which made more room for my profitability margins,” he noted.

  “Not all of us are skilled and built to do business, but during these times, it could prove to be a lifesaver. So give it a try. Learn how to be entrepreneurial. Start with small and basic, something that you are comfortable with and can leverage on, to create something you can call your own, your very own venture. Even a simple ‘buy and sell’ can do. Be honest and fair with your clients. Offer good service and do your best to gain their trust. Above all, work hard and be patient. Success doesn’t happen overnight,” Jijo concludes offering words of wisdom.

A lot has changed in this new setup, there are new hurdles with new responsibilities and expectations that we didn’t anticipate. But moving onward is the only sane approach now, learning anew along the way and coping and adjusting till the ‘new normal’ becomes normalised and the overall state is renewed with possibilities and potential.

4 Tips when Looking After Your Kids as a Work-at-Home Dad

Meta-Description: Work-at-home dads can work and still be up for playtime with their kids at home. Here’s how.

Nowadays, it is deemed normal for many dads to work from home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. More dads have learned to spend time with their family and bond with their kids while still being productive and efficient in their work.

But because most dads are accustomed to working in the office rather than staying at home, it can be a challenge to look after the kids. This is especially true if you are working from home and your spouse needs to occasionally go to the office. If you are a work-at-home dad who needs a little help in taking care of your kids, consider these tips.

Create Boundaries

While setting boundaries between work and your kids seems an achievable feat, it can actually be more difficult especially if you have younger kids. Set a few house rules to avoid interruptions or distractions when you are in a meeting or have a hectic schedule.

If you have a separate home office, keep the door open unless you have a meeting or important online event. Teach your kids to knock, and remind them that if you don’t answer, it means you are busy. You don’t want to end up viral like that dad whose kids waltzed in during an interview with a news anchor.

Set up a child monitor in the room if you don’t have a helper, so that you can still see what your kids are doing. The idea is to teach kids to respect boundaries, not neglect them. Your partner trusts that while they are working in booming business centers like ETON Centris in Quezon City, you are at home caring for the kids. Use the closed-door policy only when necessary.

Make the Most of Your Flexible Work Schedule

One benefit of working from home is that you have a relatively more flexible schedule. Make the most of your flexible work-at-home schedule to do chores, prepare meals, run errands, and reach your deadlines at work. But while you may have a more flexible work schedule, it is still helpful if you plan out what you will do every day so that you can accomplish many tasks on your to-do list.

Wake up earlier so that you can prepare breakfast before you start checking emails and ticking off your daily deadlines. Take breaks during lunch to rest and deal with other chores such as doing the dishes, washing the laundry, or cleaning the house. If you have younger kids, schedule a short playtime session with them during your spare hours.

Setting a schedule is helpful especially when your partner has to go to their office near your condo or house, because you will develop the habit of finishing tasks on time while looking after your kids and your household.

Maximize Nap Time

Because younger kids need around 11-14 hours of sleep daily to grow, make the most of their nap time to finish your tasks for work. Your kids’ napping also creates a quiet environment suitable for virtual meetings and conference calls with your boss and colleagues. The quiet is also suitable for you to focus on your tasks.

Set a schedule for nap time so that you can take or make calls, answer emails, and run errands as well. Maximizing your kids’ nap time will help you be productive as a work-at-home dad, especially when your partner is working away from home.

Take Turns with Your Partner

With quarantine protocols being lifted, many employees have returned to their offices. However, many employees alternate between working in the office and working from home to maximize their resources and finish more tasks efficiently.

If you have a partner who regularly has to go to the office, take advantage of the times that they are working from home so that both of you can look after your kids together and more effectively. Taking turns will also allow you to go to the office if you need to, or run errands without worrying about leaving your kids unattended.

Being a work-at-home dad has become part of the new normal. Balance your time and energy between work and your family. Maximize the time you have to forge deeper relationships with your kids and allow your partner to thrive in their own career amidst COVID-19.

Online programs, recovery tools for pandemic-affected enterprises highlighted during MSME Week

In celebration of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Week,
enterprise leaders and key representatives from the government, the humanitarian sector, and the
business sector gathered for the 2020 National MSME Resilience e-Forum: Business Continuity Towards
the “New Normal” which was held from July 14 to 16. The event sought to highlight pandemic-related
best practices and strategies for MSMEs and launch the latest e-learning tools and recovery programs for

“Addressing the ongoing pandemic requires actions that transcend our traditional notion of data
processing, communication, and capacity-building. This health crisis is reigniting the spirit of Bayanihan
between the public and private sectors in helping our MSMEs bounce back through the development of
responsive policies, recovery programs, and inclusive financing mechanisms,” said Department of Trade
and Industry Secretary Ramon M. Lopez.

Tackling data and communication and their role in building resilient MSMEs, the role of capacity building
in ensuring pandemic productivity, and how policy and finance can support resilience initiatives, the 3-
day online event also aimed to initiate fruitful partnerships among MSME owners and enablers and
provide a platform for sharing best practices and resilience strategies contributing to building the
resilience of the country’s business sector amid the current disaster risk reduction and management

“MSMEs are the beating heart of our economy. We need to get them back on their feet so they can help
millions of Filipinos to send their children to school and lift their families out of poverty,” said PDRF
President Butch Meily.

During the e-forum, PDRF also launched the MSME Guide to Disaster Resilience, an all-in-one disaster
preparedness and business continuity guidebook for enterprise owners; the SIKAP (Synergizing Recovery
Initiatives, Knowledge, and Adaptation Practices for MSMEs) online recovery hub; and Dimatinag: The
Entrepreneur’s Unbreakable Spirit, a comic book which tells the story of resilience of a Pinay negosyo
“Access to timely and accurate information is more critical during the pandemic. And this is what the

MSME Resilience Core Group, where PCCI is a member, has been doing since the start of the community
quarantine. Individually, or as a group, we have been providing information to our constituents to enable
them to manage the risks that the pandemic has brought to their business. We will continue to provide
the support needed by the enterprises in their journey towards recovery,” said PCCI President
Ambassador Benedicto V. Yujuico.

Recovery programs and tools for MSMEs were also featured, including RCBC’s financial inclusion mobile
banking app DiskarTech, Small Business Corporation’s COVID-19 Assistance to Restart Enterprises (CARES)
Program, and Agricultural Credit Policy Council’s SURE Aid Program for MSEs, Farmers, and Fisherfolk.
Present in support of the forum were Office of Civil Defense Administrator and NDRRMC Executive
Director Undersecretary Ricardo Jalad, DOST-PHIVOLCS Undersecretary Renato Solidum, Jr., Employers
Confederation of the Philippines Chairman Edgardo Lacson, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center Country
Program Manager Edwin Salonga, and Philippine Exporters Confederation President Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr.

The 2020 National MSME Resilience e-Forum was organized by the MSME Resilience Core Group
composed of the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Science and Technology, Office of
Civil Defense, PDRF, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Philippine Exporters Confederation,
Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management-Philippines, Employers Confederation of the Philippines,
and the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center. Its project “Strengthening MSME Disaster Resilience in the
Philippines” is supported by the Philippine Preparedness Partnership, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center,
and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) is the country’s major private sector vehicle and coordinator for
disaster resilience. As an alliance of businesses dedicated to building the disaster risk management capabilities of
the private sector in the country, PDRF aims to contribute to the sustainable development and the general welfare
of the Filipino people.

For more information, visit

7 Tips on Reorganizing Your Closet and Drawers

Meta-Description: While cleaning and decluttering your bedroom, here are seven tips you can do to reorganize your closet and drawers.

Closets and drawers are some of the most important and intimate items in your house. While your wardrobe looks neat outside, it’s the inside that can be challenging to keep neat and organized.

Whether you have a sprawling closet or a limited wardrobe, here are 7 reorganizing ideas to achieve that clutter-free and visually appealing closet and drawer.

Empty and Declutter Your Closet and Drawers

Start with emptying out your closet and drawers to map out how you will reorganize your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Emptying and decluttering will help you keep track of which items to keep and which items to sell or donate. Clearing out items that you don’t wear or use that often will also open up more space for you to store new items, especially if you live in a smaller space such as a studio apartment or condo unit.

If you have a walk-in closet, a standard feature in developments like Discovery Primea in Makati, emptying and decluttering the contents of your wardrobe might take time as you are working on a much bigger space. Use boxes labeled with “to keep” and “to throw out/donate/sell” so that you won’t misplace any items in the wrong pile or lose track of clearing out the visual and emotional clutter in your closet.

Organize by Category

After deciding which items to keep and which to give away, visualize how you want your new closet to look like. Don’t just fold and hang the items in your new closet. Organize your clothes by color, texture, and season. If you have a lot of business attire, hang them for easy access.

Shoes can be rearranged by size or by how often you wear them. Tall boots and formal shoes can be placed at the back of your closet, while shoes for work and gym will be placed at the front. Flats and slip-on footwear can be stacked on each other to give more room for bigger shoes and other items.

Your closet shouldn’t just be where you store your clothes; it should also look aesthetically pleasing so that every time you open your closet, you will be relaxed and inspired to keep your closet always organized.

Hang Coats, Jackets, and Anything Fancy

Hang coats, jackets, and items such as business suits, long dresses, and gowns. Folding these will cause creases and crumples, and perhaps a bit of damage. You don’t want to spend extra money on dry cleaning, steaming, and doing repairs. If you live in a much smaller space, use space-saving hangers to stack jackets and coats of the same texture, to avoid crowding your closet or wardrobe.

Another way you can hang your fancy clothing items is to use a hanger stand to display some of your favorite jackets, dresses, and accessories outside of your bedroom. Furniture shops usually have a hanger stand with space at the bottom where you can place your shoes. This is perfect if you want to add a bit of a stylish statement to your bedroom.

Roll and Stack Items to Save Space

Folding clothes might be a typical way to keep your closet or drawer clutter-free. However, too many clothes stacked on top of each other may make it more difficult for you to take out what you need. Instead of folding your massive T-shirt collection, roll them and stack them inside your drawer. This way, you save a lot of space to accommodate other clothing items, and it’s easier to get the T-shirt you want to wear.

It’s also a great way to avoid wrinkles, according to House Beautiful. Rolling your shirts, shorts, and pajamas are also ideal if you have limited closet space, or if your main wardrobe is a drawer closet.

Use Coordinating Hangers

Choose hangers of only one color to hang your clothes and scarves. Use coordinating hangers that complement the appearance of your wardrobe or the decor and aesthetic you are looking for. This avoids visual clutter and closet chaos.

Use velvet hangers to hang heavy clothing items such as coats, jackets, and suits. If you don’t want velvet and plastic hangers in your closet, opt for wooden hangers, which are sturdy and complement almost any type of closet or cabinet.

Use Shoeboxes to Organize Underwear

Do you have shoeboxes collecting dust under your bed and in your closet? Don’t throw these out. Clean and upcycle them as dividers in your drawers. Shoeboxes are great to store pairs of underwear, socks, scarves, accessories, and belts. These are also great for storing and maintaining the shape of wired bras.

Utilizing shoeboxes as drawer dividers and storage is practically free. It’s also a more eco-friendly and sustainable option than disposing the boxes and buying actual dividers.

Maximize Closet and Wall Space

If you have a wardrobe that has limited space for your clothing and shoes, use your wall to create more storage space. Keep your clothing items in your wardrobe, then use the wall shelves to keep your shoes, accessories, and storage boxes for shirts, underwear, shorts, and sleepwear.

Consider mounting a coat and jacket hanger on your wall if you don’t have enough space for an actual hanger stand. Other than hanging your coats, jackets, jeans, and suits, you may also hang towels, scarves, and belts to make it look more stylish.

Go for a laundry bag instead of a laundry basket. Doing so opens up more closet space for other clothes or shoes you would like to keep. Use drawstring laundry bags, just like those in hotels, or hang them on a hook in your closet to keep your laundry from falling out.

Reorganizing your closet and drawers is more than just spring-cleaning. It is also about decluttering any chaos in your closet, opening up new space for new items, and creating a more minimalist and cleaner look. You also learn that clearing out visual clutter is helpful in your growth and wellness.

HONOR Launches HONOR CHOICE with the HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds

HONOR CHOICE will strengthen the company’s “1+8+N” IoT strategy with a comprehensive range of all-scenario products

Global smartphone brand HONOR today announced the availability of HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds, the first HONOR CHOICE product to launch in its overseas markets. HONOR CHOICE is a portfolio of HONOR smart life products, co-developed by HONOR anda select group of industry-leading manufacturers.

Equipped with a binaural synchronous transmission technology and a 7mm composite diaphragm speakers, the HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds deliver a superb and lag-free audio experience. Its 24-hour battery life also makes it a perfect accessory for all-day usage. The wallet-friendly earbuds will be available in Philippines from today.

HONOR CHOICE: High-tech and Aesthetically Pleasing IoTProducts for a Smarter Life

HONOR CHOICE is a sub-brand under HONOR that comprises a portfolio of IoT products made by a select group of industry-leading manufacturers.Representing the “N” in the “1+8+N” IoT strategy, HONOR CHOICE consists of a wide range of devices in categories such as Sports, Entertainment, Technology and Travel which providesusers with a seamlessand intelligent experience in their everyday lives.

The HONOR CHOICE series is manufactured by industry-leading partners to bring usersa personalized and enriched experience. With stringent tests and strict criteria, HONOR CHOICE ensuresall products are of impeccable quality, and users can enjoy them safely. As a tech-chic brand beloved by global youth, HONOR insists its human-centric and trendy design philosophy in the HONOR CHOICE products. HONOR CHOICE products are also empowered by cutting edge technology such as HUAWEI HiLinkand HiSilicon chipsets to enable all-scenario intelligence experiences.

HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds: All-day entertainment accessory
The HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds allow users to stream music continuously for up to six hours and enjoy up to four hours of uninterrupted call time on a single charge. The lightweight charging case holds three full charges which give users an additional 18 hours of entertainment. With a combined audio playback of 24 hours, the HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbudsarethe perfect accessory for audiophiles and general everyday use.

Premium performance for users on-the-go
The HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbudsare powered by a 7mm composite diaphragm speakers that deliver an immersive listening experience with impactful bass and crisp sounds. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, the earbuds pair seamlessly with other Bluetooth-enabled devices which is perfect for consumers who own multiple smart devices anddesire a highlevel of automation. The Bluetooth 5.0 can reduce latency to as low as 130 milliseconds which is a plus for any serious gaming enthusiasts.With dual-microphonenoise cancellation technology, the HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds can capture voice effectively and ensure crisp call quality even in noisy environments.

Minimalist design made with sophisticated audience in mind
The HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds check all the boxes for a good pair of earphones, not only for its performancebut also its sleekand form-fitting design. Its ergonomic structure provides a comfortable and secure fit that is suitable for extended usage and everyday activities. The HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbudsare IP54 certified water and dust resistant so users need not worry about splashes from rain or dust ingress.Finally, the earbuds are also packed with intuitive touch controls and voice assistant support that can support consumers who are always on-the-go.

The HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds will be available starting [1799 peso]. For more details, visit [Gadget Hunter PH at Ladaza and Shopee].


HONOR is a leading technologybrand. The brand was created to meet the needs of digital natives through internet-optimized products that offer superior user experiences, inspire action, foster creativity and empower the young to achieve their dreams. In doing this, HONOR has set itself apart by showcasing its own bravery to do things differently and to take the steps needed to usher in the latest technologies and innovations for its customers.

For more information, please visit HONOR online at or follow us on:


Slated to bring in-person events experience online

Global-Link MP Events International, Inc. today announced the launch of its newest platform by VX Events, where four of its trade events will hold virtual editions starting October this year. The events are entitled Pack Print Plas Philippines VX (October 8 to 14), Hotel Suppliers Show VX (October 15 to 21), Beauty & Wellness Manila VX (October 22 to 28), and PHILCONSTRUCT VX (November 5 to 11).

“The events industry is going to continue to change for the months and years to come,” said Patrick-Lawrence Tan, CEO of Global-Link MP. “While we hope for things to go back to normal, we know we have to continue serving the needs of our clients, our exhibitors, and the people who join trade shows to generate business. VX Events is our answer to that. We’re leveraging on our experience as trade event organizers and using technology to continue doing that in a digital space.”

The announcement was made through an interactive virtual press conference attended by notable personalities from the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The press conference also featured an impressive walkthrough of what to expect on the upcoming virtual events. 

Global-Link MP made it clear that it will not be a replacement for physical, in-person events. In fact, Pack Print Plas Philippines and PHILCONSTRUCT are pushing through with their physical shows alongside the virtual editions. “You really cannot compare physical events to virtual events. Both have their own sets of advantages,” added Jing Lagandaon, COO. “While going virtual is certainly not a Band-Aid solution for us, we are serious about developing this here in the Philippines. By putting up VX Events, we are replicating the advantages and business opportunities found in physical trade shows and delivering them in a virtual space, giving people alternatives.”

Global-Link MP has exclusive rights to use the platform in the Philippines and was therefore able to customize it further to fit the local market. Their technology partner is EventXtra, a developer that has served more than 3,000,000 guests and 10,000 events for companies and organizations including Amazon, Apple, International New York Times, Cisco, Siemens, HKTDC, and more.

Top associations in the country have already expressed their support to the upcoming virtual trade events, including the Philippine Center for Print Excellence Foundation Inc (PCPEF), and the Philippine Plastic Industry Association, Inc. (PPIA), for Pack Print Plas Philippines VX, which is co-organized by Messe Dusseldorf Asia; Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP) for Hotel Suppliers Show VX; Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines (CCIP) for Beauty and Wellness Manila VX; and the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) and the Philconstruct Events Exhibitions & Conference Corp (PEECC) for PHILCONSTRUCT VX.

Limited virtual booths will be available for each show. To book a virtual slot or for any inquiries, contact Global-Link via email or via their official Facebook/LinkedIn pages: Global-Link MP Events International, Inc.

The Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines was very optimistic that Beauty & Wellness Manila VX is the key to help the industry recover and get back on track. The event will be open for visitors on October 22 to 28, 2020.


NOVUHAIR®, the country’s leading natural hair loss solution, supports the nation in highlightingthe importance of a healthy and balanced nutrition amidst the ongoing health crisis.

NOVUHAIR® partnered with Chefy Wifey’s Kitchen and cooked up something, literally.Consistent with the brand’s advocacy, the “Food for the Hair” mini-program shall offer four (4) video demo episodes on how to prepare practical, nutritious and easy-to-do meals at home, focusing on ingredients that support healthy hair and prevent hair loss.

The initial episode features VIP Nutrition CoachMichelle Co-Huertas’ Chicken Afritada with Boiled Egg, a Filipino staple recipe loaded with nutrients and vitamins essential in achieving the best hair growth goal.

Chefy Wifey’s Kitchen prepared with TLC 100 packs and donated them to the hospital medical staff of the Philippine General Hospital in the city of Manila.

Try this healthy bite recipe and makehappy faces at home:

Discover more at


‘Discover Home’ at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

In photo: Casa Irosin

As the quarantine measures began to ease down and the world slowly adjusts to new travel norms, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar launched their newest offer titled “Discover Home.”

A component of their recently-launched “Secured Stays at Las Casas,” an initiative that aims to bring back guests’ confidence in hotel stays with their stringent safety protocols, said new offer is specifically crafted to inspire travelers to help in jumpstarting local tourism post-COVID19.

In photo:  Casa San Juan and Casa Balayan II

Valid from July to December 2020, “Discover Home” gives guest the chance to explore the country’s untold stories as represented by over 70 restored Spanish-Filipino houses perfectly nesting inside the heritage site well-complemented by an accommodation in one of its premier casas.

Guests may choose from its luxurious houses depending on the capacity. Choices include Casa Byzantina, good for 14 persons and the most lucrative house inside Las Casas, Casa Balanga for four, Casa Irosin for eight, Casa Terraza for two, Casa Gapan for 10, among others.

More so, be at home and totally at ease with Las Casas 24-hour Butler Service providing impeccable commitment to assuring unforgettable and safe stays.

Aside from their personal butler, guests can also enjoy full-board meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner),private use of yacht,cocktails, Heritage Walking Tour, Hotel de Oriente Access, Calesa Ride, access to semi-private swimming pool, beach area, and more.

This offer is also open to guests who opt to stay longer – up to one month.

To know more about “Discover Home” and other related updates, visit or follow Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar on Facebook and Instagram.

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