National Defense Security Delfin Lorenzana to Keynote PROTECT 2020

The presence of the Defense Secretary affirms the strong partnership of government with business amidst the rapidly evolving global disorders faced by businesses around the world.

Businesses can be collateral damages as new levels of risks emerge between conflicting nations. The greatest threat now with present technological developments is in cyber space. We are witnesses to new and improved systems of cyber attacks, corporate espionage and intellectual property thefts.

At the same time, expect more disruptions of economic production and transactions as well as travel, triggered by natural disasters like strong storms, floods, forest fires and droughts caused by extreme weather changes. Pandemics is also a growing development for business interruption (e.g Coronavirus). International and homegrown terrorism likewise pose costly disruption.

These key issues will be the subject of discussions at PROTECT 2020. After the keynote address of Secretary Lorenzana, international and local experts will present to the delegates the latest evolving landscape and the top security challenges, cyber defense mechanics, data protection, measures and the use of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence for security of businesses.

A special session has been arranged by the US ASEAN Business Council  on the subject of Pandemics, amidst the occurring nCoV 19’ virus.

A session on State of our National Security will have government officials from agencies concerned with security brief the delegates on their activities. Following this will be the Panel Discussion on the Future Security Issues considering the global situation, the security of our critical infrastructures, the gaming situation in the country and how foreign investments and partnerships affect national security.

A limited exhibit at PROTECT 2020 also offers a unique opportunity to witness in a select setting the following: firewall, cloud access, cross-domain IT security products, mobile forensic solutions, video analytics, video management solutions, data center solutions, cybersecurity solutions, virtual reality simulations, software development kits,etc. Emerging technologies developed by the Department of Science and Technology will also be on display.

For attendance in the conference, or to visit the exhibit, Contact

The PROTECT annual conference series on “Doing Business Amidst New Threats” provides the forum for dialogue and network thinking between government and the private sector.

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