Legánde, Inc. launched three new products that cater to health and wellness.

Legánde, Inc marked another milestone in their history by unveiling a brand new logo and tagline “Where infinite possibilities live” to usher a new year and decade with new products, compensation plan, and management team. Legánde, Inc is a fusion of two companies, Multipure Philippines and Pillars 5. Multipure Philippines is the authorized distributor of Multipure water systems of the United States of America while Pillars 5 is an all natural nutrition and wellness company.

The event was held at Luxent Hotel and it was graced by family, friends, brand partners, entrepreneurs, media, and supporters of Legánde, Inc. The ballroom was filled to the brim, with everyone hanging off the edge of their seats, excited to witness and have first hand dibs on the newest products and income opportunity that Legánde, Inc. has to offer.

Legánde, Inc. launched three new products that cater to health and wellness. They have the home essentials, health essentials, and beauty essentials. The home essentials include the Multipure Water Filtration Systems, the AquaDOME, AquaVERSA, and AquaMINI, that is backed by three certifications (ANSI 42 – Aesthetic effects; ANSI 53 – Health effects, and ANSI 401 – emerging compounds and incidental contaminants) from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) which users can upgrade with a Legánde Pre-filter. Under the same category is the Multipure Aqua Shower that is marked by a Water Quality Seal. The health essentials include 100% pure essential oils, gourmet teas, and life enzyme. The beauty essentials consists of argan oil for the face, hair, and body.

Multipure is the premier manufacturer of high-quality drinking water systems in the United States of America and have been in business for 50 years. They are all about improving the quality of life. Multipure is the original developer of solid carbon block technology.

The gourmet teas being offered by Legánde is not just any tea. These teas are what purists call as the real thing. Legánde Inc. offers green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, and a fusion of green tea and jasmine flowers tea. These are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant which is a shrub native to China and India. This contains unique antioxidants called polyphenols.

Essential oils are another addition to Legánde’s growing roster of products. This is an absolutely perfect addition because Legánde wants to provide its customers with a more positive lifestyle. Legánde’s essential oils come in three types: Mood Lifter, Stress and Pain Buster, and last but not least the Energy Booster.

Mood Lifter contains Lemongrass, Grapefruit, and Frankincense. Stress and Pain Buster includes Tea Tree, Lavender, and Lemon. Energy Booster includes Rosemary, Peppermint, and Orange. Legánde’s essential oils can be used both topically and aromatically. It also comes in a sampler kit which comes with three 5ml bottles while the regular essential oils come in 15ml bottles.

The Argan Oil is one of its most coveted beauty products so it makes sense that Legánde is offering this in 3 forms: Hair, Body, and Face. With it’s high Vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It is easily absorbed because it is non-greasy and non-irritating, making it a natural moisturizer.

Lastly, they are also offering Life Enzyme which works better than most vitamins, herbal remedies, and supplements. Enzymes speed up blood circulation, digestion, detoxification, and healing which are all necessary for the body. Legánde’s Life Enzyme contains 150 all natural whole fruits and vegetables as well as medicinal fungi and ancient Chinese herbs which underwent 1 year fermentation process. This slows down ageing and aids in the relief of digestive disorders and boosts energy.

Legánde’s launch was led by Ramon F. Garcia, President and CEO of Legánde Inc. as well as Ramon Paolo Garcia Jr., Chief Operating Officer. With an impressive lineup of new products from Legánde, it is safe to say that Legánde is kicking off the year 2020 with a bang!

Ramon Garcia Sr. ended the night with this quote: “ We grow because we invest. We invest in our members and staff development. We invest in new technology. We invest in new products.

We invest in infrastructure to better our service. Now the result of caring, sharing, and investing

is that we grow, we grow together, we grow our business together, and we grow together to realize our members’ dream at a sustainable level.”

With Legánde, you can be healthy while being wealthy.


Participated by a total of 9 schools, the La Consolacion College Caloocan (LCC-C) emerged as the Champion in the recent 12th Annual Interschool Math and Science Quiz Bee hosted by La Consolacion College Valenzuela last November 29, 2019 held at the latter’s campus in St. Jude Subdivision, Valenzuela City.

The LCC-C team who won the Championship was composed of Elijah Duanan (the Team Captain), Jazmin Martinez and Ma. Sophia Sapio, all from Grade 9 level. The students were accompanied by their coaches: Ms. Rea Tongco, Mrs. Grace Pedregrosa and Mr. Rowinner Bautista.

“This winning is a very timely gift to our Alma Mater as it celebrates its 80th Founding Year this 2020” claimed by Coach Bautista. “As we envision our school, La Consolacion College Caloocan, to be the top-of-mind, and one of the best schools in the field of Mathematics and Science in KAMANAVA area in the next 3 years, we recently formed the Elite Math Circle, a special training ground for students who are the cream of the crop in every grade level to become competent academic athletes” added by him.

The other two placers in the quiz bee are: St. Joseph School of Lawang Bato, first place, and Montessori Academy of Valenzuela, second place. The other schools who competed were Children of Mary Immaculate College, Our Lady of Fatima University, San Diego Parochial School, La Consolacion College Novaliches, La Consolacion College Manila, and Colegio Del Buenconsejo.

Sheraton Manila Bay Welcomes the Year of the Rat

Sheraton Manila Bay joins the celebration of Chinese New Year in welcoming the Year of the Metal Rat, expected to be a dynamic year full of movement, success, and opportunities, making it more memorable as the hotel celebrates its first Chinese New Year festivity.

Ushering the start of the year, Sheraton Manila Bay showcase an elaborately designed Chinese Fan and Floral centerpiece at the lobby and an extravagant display of Chinese cake and baked goods. Diners may sample our Lucky Fish Tikoy for Php 1,388++, Classic Round Tikoy, Mixed Nuts Florentine, Pineapple Praline, Munggo Buchi, Almond Cookies, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Homemade Pork Asado Bun.

On January 24, the hotel will hold auspicious activities as guests are treated to a Chinese Dragon and Lion dance and traditional dotting of the eye ceremony to be performed at the Sheraton Manila Bay lobby from 12nn to 2pm. Complete the tradition with a celebratory meal with family and friends at Pacific Lounge where you can enjoy sumptuous ala carte offerings available for lunch and dinner daily.

Sheraton Manila Bay is located at M. Adriatico cor. Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. For reservation please call +632 5318 0788 or email reservations.manilabay@sheraton.com. Like us on Facebook and  Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay.

A New Decade Welcomes Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines

In this age of innovation, change is inevitable.

Panasonic reiterates its commitment to create “A Better Life, A Better World” as it aims to contribute to the progress and development of society and to the happiness of people around the globe, highlighting its expertise in the Air Conditioning business in over 120 countries globally.

As we enter a new decade, Panasonic launches a new company that is dedicated to provide professional services for your air conditioning needs, the Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines (PACPH).

With this development, PACPH promises to provide the best comfortable air solutions with innovative professional technologies and services to suffice every Filipino’s need from home to business solution.

Air conditioning nowadays does not only settle on cooling alone. As the name implies, air conditioners’ main purpose is to condition your indoor air, thus, Panasonic developed nanoe™ Technology that deodorizes, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses, and is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment.

Humans consume an average of 1.3kg of food, 1.2kg of water, and surprisingly breathe around 18kg of air daily. In order for us to live longer, and stay stronger, we need to care more about the air we breathe. That is why and how exactly we came up with our concept of Quality Air for Life, in line with Panasonic’s thrust of providing Japan Quality Air Conditioners to Filipino Families.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Training Center

Panasonic air conditioner is present in over 120 countries globally, and out of this 120 countries, the Philippines is one of the fastest growing market.

Committed to provide only the best for the Filipino customers, PACPH opened their Air Conditioning Training Center that supports their responsibility in providing product knowledge and skills enhancement to serve their customers with utmost capability.

The main objective of this training center is to introduce relevant training programs geared to address issues on knowledge improvement on Panasonic products, by educating their customers. Another goal is to provide skills development of technical personnel, engineers, and staff for effective after sales servicing.

The specialized team will work hand in hand to respond to inquiries and formulate solutions, thereby, improving delivery speed and widening its logistics coverage throughout the country. Panasonic also expanded its warehouse capacity and locations to ensure sufficient stocks of parts and goods are available at any given time.

Taking a cue from the massive infrastructure investment of the Philippine Government under its “Build! Build! Build!” program, Panasonic continuously focuses in providing premium Japan Quality products to its customers as our contribution to society.

The success of the program is expected to help bring down the costs of production, encourage investments in the countryside, make the movement of goods and people more efficient, and create more jobs for Filipinos.

This is to ensure that we can continue to fulfill Panasonic’s commitment, mindful of their dedication to quality, safety, and sustainable development.

Through better air conditioning solutions, Panasonic aims to provide care for every Filipino family – that’s Alagang Panasonic.

Efficacy of locally-made, anti-aging regimen undergoes tech tests

Health and beauty have been lumped into another frontier for technology and innovation. Locally, breakthroughs have been discussed and developed especially in the health and beauty category.

Recently, a clinical study conducted by a fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) proved the efficacy of locally produced anti-aging regimen in improving skin moisturization—a key factor in avoiding skin problems and visible aging— by up to 34 percent in just four weeks.

The test conducted by clinical investigator Dr. Nenita Lorenzo-Alberto, MD, FPDS, FPSAAI, also showed that the use of these anti-aging preparation significantly reduced fine lines on the lips, eyes and forehead, and also resulted in considerable skin smoothening.

Dr. Alberto particularly used the Time Repair Exfoliant and Time Repair Revitalizer produced by Filipino firm BCP Dermatological Corporation in the clinical test.

The study had 30 respondents, who were instructed to apply Time Repair Exfoliant on their forehead and right half face and Time Repair Revitalizer upon drying. They used the products two times a day for four weeks.

Aside from proving the efficacy of the products manufactured by BCP Dermatological Corp. in terms of skin moisturization, smoothening and reduction of fine lines, Dr. Alberto also checked for signs of negative reactions such as papules or comedones, erythema or redness, pruritus or itchiness, and stinging sensation or burning.

Dr. Alberto noted in her report that “statistical analysis on the corneometer readings of the treated side showed significant skin moisturization on the first week until fourth week of usage…Highest percentage moisture increase value of 33.9 percent was noted on the fourth week.”

Also, the dermatologist said highest percentage fine lines reduction values of 69.3 percent and 72.7 percent were observed on the fourth week for the forehead and right treated eye, respectively.

Then, she added, statistical analysis for the visual assessment of the treated side showed significant skin smoothening on the first week, with further improvement until the fourth week.

The conclusion of Dr. Alberto’s clinical test on Time Repair Exfoliant and Time Revitalizer reads:

“Based on this study, it can be concluded that Time Repair Exfoliant and Time Repair Revitalizer showed significant skin moisturization from the first week until the fourth week of product usage, with highest percentage moisture increase of 33.9 percent on the fourth week.

In terms of the change in the number of lines on the lips, significant reduction was noted from the first week up to the fourth week, with highest percentage reduction of 69.3 percent (forehead) and 72.7 percent (eyes-right) noted on the fourth week of product usage.

In terms of skin smoothening, significant improvement was noted on the first week, with further improvement until the fourth week of product usage. There were also no adverse reactions noted for the entire duration of the study.”

Time Repair Exfoliant and Time Repair Revitalizer are available at all DS Diana Stalder by Dermaline branches and at reputable dermatologists’ clinics nationwide.

Casino Filipino presents VP Choice Awards 2019 with RED Entertainment

Village Pipol just got bigger! The first-ever VP Choice Awards finally happened and it has been trending upon its launch. Presented on January 23, it surely was a success with almost 200 guests attending the event. Brand executives, online personalities and celebrities experienced a one-of-a-kind red carpet awarding ceremony. Held at Casino Filipino Manila Bay, VP Choice Awards accommodated guests at the main ballroom.

Casino Filipino presents VP Choice Awards 2019 with RED Entertainment.

ABS-CBN’s Ultimate Bidaman winner Jin Macapagal and GMA Network’s IT-girl Ashley Ortega hosted the first-ever VP Choice Awards. Hailed as the star-studded gathering with millennial artists Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Darren Espanto, Mimiyuuuh, and even the famous SB19 gracing the event. Of course, the awards night featured a tight competition among all nominees three major categories: Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. 

Casino Filipino awards the Star of the Night to Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber.

As the event’s title sponsor, they also had the chance to present an award to the lucky guests. Senior Marketing Officer of the Manila Bay Branch Gerlie Bonleon presented the Casino Filipino’s Star of the Night. She presented it to VPCA’s Loveteam of the Year awardee MayWard who surely gave the event an extra shine.

In behalf of Village Pipol, we are truly grateful for Casino Filipino for accommodating the first-ever VP Choice Awards! 

Duty Free Philippines Celebrates Chinese New Year with a 2-Day Sale

Tourism attached agency Duty Free Philippines Corporation (DFPC) is set to welcome the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat with a 2-day SALE at its flagship Fiestamall store in Parañaque City.
Customers will get to enjoy exciting discounts of as much as 30% from a wide range of regular priced items on January 25-26, 2020.

Arriving international travelers, overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and balikbayans are invited to come to the Fiestamall with their families to witness the traditional Chinese blessing and lion dance ceremony happening this Saturday, January 25, at 11am onwards.

The Fiestamall offers a wide range of perfumes and cosmetics, fashion, sporting goods, home, appliances, toys, confectionery, wines, spirits and grocery items with a selection of the world’s prestigious brands.
Store hours is from 10am to 9pm. The customer registration counter will open at 9am.

To know more about Duty Free Philippines and the sale event, please call these numbers 8552-4337 local 3132/8552-4375 (and look for Ms. Xiao)

Real Estate Market Review 2019

2019 was a strong year for the real estate sector. Major cities all over the Philippines have shown interesting performance, and this has led to more opportunities in the office, residential, and retail sectors nationwide. 

Let’s take a look at what happened in 2019 on Lamudi’s real estate platform: 

The Year in Review: What Property Seekers Looked for

Property seekers on Lamudi are more interested in buying (60.59%) than renting (39.41%), with their budget able to accommodate for-sale properties up to Php 20 million or for-rent properties up to Php 1 million. In the more affordable segment, the majority of seekers look into the Php 5,000 up to Php 15,000 price range.

Most Popular Cities

Seekers are not just interested in properties in Metro Manila. The most in-demand cities of 2019 are Quezon City, Makati, Manila, Cebu City, and Taguig. In 2018, Quezon City was also the most-searched city in terms of location, accessibility, and livability. 

Cebu City is one to watch, as residents from this city account for 87.56% of pageviews generated in Visayas.

According to the Q1 2019 Cebu Property Market Report of Colliers International Philippines, the growth of BPO industries helps fuel the economy of Cebu and encourages investments for the development of more office spaces. Investments in Cebu’s BPO and IT-related industries have also fueled the demand for horizontal and vertical residential developments.

The high influx of tourists coming to Cebu City has also propelled a higher demand for condominiums in the area. With the growth of BPO hubs in the city, millennials, who make up 43.98% of Visayas’ pageviews, are also drawn to the region for work opportunities and potential property ownership.

Most Popular Property Type

Lamudi seekers inquired about condominiums the most, with over 39.24% of total leads. Condominiums may be utilized as one’s primary residence or as a rental investment. With the increasing demand for condominium units in metropolitan areas, it is advisable to buy during the pre-selling period as the property value of condominiums increases near the development’s completion.

Top Overseas Location of Property Seekers

Seekers located in Dubai have a strong interest in Philippine real estate, followed by Doha and Sydney. Overseas seekers mostly search for houses (30.58%) compared to other residential types, with 38.66% interested in buying and 16.73% interested in renting. One explanation for the sustained growth from Dubai, which was also the top overseas city in 2018, can be attributed to OFWs wanting to buy their own property to settle in once they get back to the Philippines. Filipinos are also searching for houses or condominiums as an investment opportunity in the Philippines. 

Top Provincial Cities

Provincial cities have also shown a strong interest in real estate properties, particularly Cebu City, Bacoor, Davao City, Angeles, and Antipolo. 

Real Estate Supply

The growing demand for properties has led to an increase in listings on Lamudi. In Metro Manila, Quezon City has the most number of listings. 

Paranaque City had the biggest growth of listings within Metro Manila, with a 292% increase from the 1st quarter of 2018 to the 1st quarter of 2019. 

Development in provincial cities has also contributed to the supply, showing an increase in listings from areas such as Angeles City in Pampanga. Naic, Cavite also had a significant increase in listings (886%) from the 4th quarter of 2018 to the 4th quarter of 2019. 

For 2019, the most popular property type listed on the platform was house and lot. 

Noteworthy Listings

  • The most expensive property posted on Lamudi is a 23-hectare vacant lot in Roxas Boulevard. This is comprised of two lots combined for a total land area of 231,751.16 sqm. It is currently for sale at a whopping Php 81.1 million (Php 350, 000 per square meter). The lot area is close to Okada Manila, the CCP Complex, and Hotel Sofitel. 
  • The smallest property posted was a parking stall in Bel-Air that measures 5 square-meters.
  • Another small property listing is a small store space measuring 2.5 square-meters located in Gatchalian Subdivision, Las Pinas City.
  • The most-viewed property on Lamudi was a three-bedroom townhouse located in Mendez Crossing East, Tagaytay City. The idyllic Tagaytay house has a floor area of 50 sqm, three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a car parking space. The house is currently being sold for Php 1.8 million. 


Rejoice to a beginning of abundance, good fortune and genuine happiness at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria. The hotel’s Chinese specialty restaurant, Xin Tian Di, has prepared a medley of authentic dishes to welcome the auspicious year of the metal rat.

For an intimate gathering, a family of four can have the Wealthy Menu – Start off with a serving of Fortune Yu Sheng or cold cuts combination, while perfect to warm one’s stomach is a choice of Dried Scallop, Fish Maw and Shredded Sea Abalone soup or Double-Boiled Conch Meat, Chicken, Coconut with Conpoy Soup. To signify abundance, main course include Deep Fried Crispy Sea Bass Fillet with Teriyaki Dressing, Steamed King Scallop with Taoso, Braised E-fu Noodle with Crab Meat and Assorted Seafood with Egg White, Fried Organic Rice with Veal and Asparagus in Abalone Sauce, and Xin Tian Di’s famous Roasted Duck with Plum Sauce. End with a sweet note with Pan-Fried Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake and Sweet Almond Ginger Tea. The Wealthy Menu starts at PhP12,888.00++.

The Fortune Menu is fit for a generous family of ten starting at PhP26,888.00++. Aside from the appetizer, soup and dessert, the menu features Roasted Peking Duck Two-way, Stir Fried Tiger Prawn with Superior Soup and Garlic, Stewed Home-style Pork Knuckle “Patatim Style”, Work-Fried Norway Salmon Fillet with Golden Garlic and Salted Egg, Wok-Fried Minced Duck in Lettuce, Braised E-fu Noodle with Crab Meat and Assorted Seafood with Egg White and Friend Organic Rice with Veal and Asparagus in Abalone Sauce.

Order a special round Tikoy is also available for only PhP1,088.00++ per piece, available in original, ube and pandan flavors. Known to be a significant part of Chinese New Year, Tikoy usually signifies wealth and prosperity and usually given to relatives and closest friends.

Offers are available until January 31, 2020. For inquiries, call Xin Tian Di at 8633-7222 or email fandb.reservations@ihg.com. Like the hotel’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/crowneplazamanilagalleria and follow their Instagram account: @crowneplazamanilagalleria for hotel updates and other promotions.

About Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts

Part of the IHG global portfolio, our Crowne Plaza hotels are ready 24/7 with premium accommodation, business-ready services and spaces, and fast and fresh food that keep guests productive, connected, rested and restored during their stay. As the fourth largest upscale full-service hotel brand in the world and one of the fastest growing, the Crowne Plaza brand has a solid foundation for future growth. The portfolio stands at nearly 423 hotels, and the global pipeline has nearly 88 hotels. At Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts we believe business travel should work better. In every market in the world, business has changed, and so has work. It’s more digital, more flexible, more mobile, more connected. As one of the world’s largest upscale brands, we have properties located in major urban centres, gateway cities and resort destinations all around the globe.. Our Sleep Advantage® program ensures our guests get a great night’s sleep to power through their day. For reservations at Crowne Plaza properties, visit www.crowneplaza.com or call 1-800-2CROWNE. Connect with us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/crowneplaza or Facebook: www.Facebook.com/crowneplaza.

With over 15 hotel brands, IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) is one of the world’s leading hotel companies, whose purpose is to provide True Hospitality for everyone

IHG franchises, leases, manages or owns 5,518 hotels and 825,746 guest rooms in nearly 100 countries and territories. With 1,828 hotels in its development pipeline, IHG expects to add nearly 267,235 rooms across its brands portfolio over the next few years.

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is the Group’s holding company and is incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales.

Visit www.ihg.com for hotel information and reservations and www.ihgrewardsclub.com for more on IHG Rewards Club. For our latest news, visit: www.ihg.com/media, www.twitter.com/ihg, www.facebook.com/ihg or www.youtube.com/ihgplc.  


San Beda University celebrates Grand Alumni Homecoming on February 01, 2020 at Mendiola Manila with a theme “Bida San Beda”.  Celebrating Jubilarians are ready to ROAR together with Platinum Class ’55, Diamond Class ’60, Emerald Class ’65, Golden Class ’70, Sapphire Class ’75, Ruby Class ’80, Coral Class ’85, Pearl Class ’90, Silver Class ’95, China Class ’05, Crystal Class ’05, Tin Class ’10 and Wood Class ’15. This momentous event will highlight the following activities like distribution of alumni ID and medals at 1:00pm – 3:00pm, holy mass from 4:00pm – 5:00pm, parade of Jubilarians at 5:30pm, dinner, special tribute to high school and grade school teachers, ceremonial turn over and what makes it more exciting are old school mates coming home from different parts of the world.

This event is made possible through the efforts of the Silver Jubilarians Class ’95 with President Lt. Col. Mannix de Duque, Vice President Bertrand Abcede and organising committee Omar Villaluz, Direk Rahyan Carlos and many more. Special thanks as well to San Beda University Alumni Association, Direk Cata Figueroa, Miss Wilma Abellanosa, Miss Mys V. Sandico & PMCM Events Management Team, San Beda GS ’91, HS’95 and to the following sponsors, ABM Solutions INC, Ortigas Land, Alveo Land, Team Well Ross Realty of Lancaster City, AdEven Solutions, Alfox Printing, Business Mirror, Malaya Business Insight and Astig.PH.

Lt. Col. Mannix de Duque, Silver Jubilee President says “ I would like to invite everyone to celebrate & partner with us so we could best achieve our goal of making our homecoming one of San Beda’s best yet. We are welcoming old batch mates from abroad and sponsors who will be given the opportunity to promote their products and services to almost a thousand of esteemed alumni and friends that are expected to attend this very important event.  And to our dear Jubilarians, let’s make this homecoming a time to reconnect with one another, reminisce the old times and most of all show our gratitude to our dear alma mater. “

For more details on how to attend, please contact our organizing committee headed by VP Ched Abcede at 09150370320 or Miss Wilma Abellanosa at 09178072222.

For partners and exhibitors, please contact our event organizer PMCM Events Management at 0917 8344978 or email pmcm.events@gmail.com.

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