Rockin New Year’s Eve at F1 Hotel Manila

Experience one of the most exciting events in welcoming the New Year only at F1 Hotel Manila.

Dabble in the Foam and Glow New Year Countdown in partnership with Jack Daniels and Hoegaarden! Inclusive of unlimited featured cocktails from 10 PM to 1 AM for only PHP 2,088 net per person. With guest DJs, XO and Bandit, performing on stage to hype the coming year, you’ll be psyched from dusk until the dawning of 2020!

Get your party fix as you book the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve room promotion with the inclusion of an overnight accommodation in a Fort Suite Room. With a breakfast buffet for 2 persons, a free one (1) serving of Chocolate Mud Slide and two (2) free tickets to the Foam and Glow New Year Countdown, let yourself run free and party the night away as the world opens the doors to the New Year!

The holidays do not end at F1 Hotel Manila as we offer a whole new staycation package for the whole month to continue ringing in your merry celebrations. The Hello, January! room package is inclusive of an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room with a free breakfast buffet for two (2) persons. With this package, gift yourself the proper pre and post celebration for that fit and fresh start!

Start the year right with great deals from F1 Hotel Manila. To place reservations or inquiries, call 908-7888, send an e-mail to or visit our website at

12 Gifts of Christmas for Each Discerning Individual

Filipinos are known to be grateful for every blessings received, that maybe the reason why we also love to reciprocate the generosity especially during the holidays. Through the years, scouting for the appropriate gifts during the holiday season is such a hard but lovely task. Coming up with the best gift to give to that special person shall truly be appreciated.

Here are some gift ideas that will surely be a hit:

Novuhair – For those who needs extra pampering on their crowning glory

Also known as Nature’s answer to hair loss, Novuhair is formulated with 19 natural ingredients – mostly herbal, essential oils and co-factor nutrients. This topical scalp lotion does not only help prevent the hair shedding malady, but also aids in stimulating growth of the “crowning glory.” It helps enhance improve overall appearance, maintain moisture, and promote nourishment and rejuvenation.

In the celebration of their 10th year in the industry, the brand and their long-time partner Mercury Drug is offering a whopping 64% savings on their promo pack Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion 200ml with free 120ml bottle.

For more info on the product, you may check their FB Page:

Quezon Buffet GCs – For the foodie at heart

Quezon buffet is a run-for-the-bucks, art-deco themed buffet place located at Fisher Mall in Quezon ave. With their motto, quality & affordability, you will find the freshest ingredients used in all of their dishes.

This season, they have introduced their holiday menu that would rival your old family tradition with dishes such as Pork Loin Piña Ham, Chicken Galantina Meatloaf and Pork Morcon. Craving for sweets is no problem with their Puto Bumbong Halaya, Ube-Halaya Cheese Pandesal, Seet Potato casserole with Marshmallow and their Trio tower consisting of of Crinkles Velvet, Choco Crinkles & Peppermint Cupcakes.

Quezon Buffet GCs in denomination of Php500 are available for gifting. Quezon Buffet FB page:

Hearty Bread – For the health buff

With the demand for healthier food, Hearty Bread brings you affordable Gluten-Free, Sugar Free breads that will help you stay healthy this season. They also have Gluten-Free, Sugar-free Choco-Chip monster cookies that are certified- sinless treat.

Available in most Rustans Marketplace. Check out their Facebook page for more info:

Healthy Mama’s Kitchen Ham – For the healthy foodie

Sister-company of Hearty Bread, Healthy Mama’s Ham will give you a whole new level of ham that are Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Nitrate-Free hence you can rest assured that these hams are devoid of preservatives unlike most of the ones available in the market.

For availability, check out their FB page:

The Spa Wellness CardsFor Wellness enthusiasts

The premier wellness establishment – The spa introduces their new wellness cards which are perfect gives to those who needs extra pampering.

The Spa Wellness Cards give you 10 one-hour Classic Massages at a discount! Deluxe @ 7,999, Executive @9,999, Junior Suite @ 11,999 and Premier Suite @ 12,999.

For more details, visit their FB page:

The Spa Wellness Essential oil blendsFor those into aroma therapy

The Spa Wellness is proud to offer their newest line of essential oils that are therapeutic-grade and designed to complement your spa experience.

Variants: Energy – helps you stay awake, focused and restores your energy. Balance – Supports your respiratory health and allows you to breathe easy. Tranquility – helps you fight stress and calms your body and mind.

Available in all The Spa Wellness branches starting December 8, 2019.

Acer PHFor the Gadget conscious

Double the joy this Christmas season with #RealHolidays powered by #Acerxrealme! Enjoy awesome promos where your favorite Acer laptops are paired with amazing mobile phones from realme.

Get yours now at

Promo valid until December 31, 2019 only.

Fujidenzo – For the Home Maker

A certified homemaker can never ran out of appliances to use, hence, giving them something that they can use in taking care of their family can be very useful.

Fujidenzo Appliances has a wide range of items which are fitted to your every budget. Visit their Fb page:

AficionadoFor the scent-conscious

Aficionado manufactures and distributes perfume, scented personal care and home care products which emphasizes on affordability and quality.

This holiday, Aficionado is bringing you back to the year 1999 when they first sold to the public with Pamaskong Handog ng Aficionado. Their 85ml perfume bottle at only P199.90. Promo runs from Dec. 10 to 31, 2019

For product information and store lists, visit their FB page:

Booze Online – For all your alcohol needs this season

Shop for the hard to find booze as well as the popular ones at this online store. Guaranteed to offer the most competitive price elsewhere.

They have liquors that matches all your discriminating tastes, whether wines from all-over the world or Hard Liquors for the tough ones as well as local and imported beers. Name it and they have it.

Shop on this site:

Bewell-CGift of Healthy immune system

Give your loved-ones a healthy dose of Vitamin C supplement, make sure you are using its safest form.  Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate, your non-acidic Vitamin C. #MagBewellCna

Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate is available in Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. For more health guide and updates, Visit their Facebook page:

Be Organic Bath & Body

Their products are cruelty-free and made from plant based ingredients and are absolutely free from harsh synthetics like SULFATES, PARABENS, ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE, DEA that cause or aggravate acne, pimples, skin allergies, eczema and psoriasis flare ups. Using ESSENTIAL OILS as scent of our products (from plants) which makes them safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Available at and

In the spirit of gift giving, whichever you choose for as long as it comes the heart – it shall be the best gift you can ever give. Happy Holidays 2019!


December 4, 2019, NOVUHAIR’s team had the meet-and-greet opportunity with Michael Learns to Rock (MLRT) composed of Jascha Ritcher, Mikkel Lentz, and Kare Wansher. It was indeed a nostalgic 90’s retro night for the Manila fans serenaded with some of the band’s greatest hits like 25 Minutes, Paint My Love, Out of the Blue, The Actor, and NOTHING TO LOSE.

NOVUHAIR, a natural hair loss remedy uniquely formulated with 19 of nature’s finest ingredients, offering an effective and safe solution to hair loss prevention and maintenance for a decade now. Supported by a clinical trial, NOVUHAIR helps reduce the progression of hair loss – decrease in hair shedding and size of bald patches, increase in hair density and thickness and without unwanted harmful side effects commonly found among chemical-laced products. To know more about the product, visit Choose natural. You’ve got NOTHING TO LOSE.

Primaduck Premium Peking Duck Ham Launched

Locally produced, farm fresh and world-class duck ham enters the Philippine market

Capas, Tarlac: EDL Agritourism Farm Inc. today announced The Primaduck Premium Peking
Duck Ham, a new product. The Peking Duck Ham is a perfect holiday ham and offers a new
way for the holiday season buyers to enjoy a unique type of high quality ham, as alternatives to
the usual hams found in the market.
“We are proud to launch a product that is now being revered by top Chinese restaurants in the
country and greatly appreciated by the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce,”
says Allan B. Casajeros, VP for Operations at EDL Agritourism Farm Inc. “Surely, every ham
loving person will love the taste, aroma, and texture of this very special Peking duck ham.”
Features and benefits of The Primaduck Premium Peking Duck Ham include.
 Locally produced and bred in a state-of-the-art SMART facility, in Capas Tarlac
 Anti-biotics and hormones FREE
 Bird-flu FREE
 Cured and ready to eat
Last November 21, 2019, Primaduck Premium Peking Duck Ham was featured in Umagang Kay
Ganda on ABS-CBN (2) at Estancia de Lorenzo, who is responsible for cooking and preparation
of the premium ham. It is now being featured in several publications and platforms on both
digital and print. The Primaduck Premium Peking Duck Ham will be available starting December
1, at P1,799. For more information, please visit
About EDL Agritourism Inc.: EDL Agritourism Farm, Inc. is a diversified and integrated 33-
heactare farm tourism destination in Capas Tarlac. It offers a total farm tourism experience like
no other and houses the Primaduck SMART housing facilities and several farms that produce,
livestock, poultry, organic fruits and vegetables.

Three Reasons why you should use Herbal Hair Color

Many of us would love to don a beautiful, shiny colored hair; however, it is important that we are cautious of the hair dyes that we are applying to our tresses.

Conventional hair colors contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, both are chemical agents that aid in hair coloring process. Hydrogen peroxide helps pigments in our hair to be broken down, removing its natural color. Meanwhile, ammonia changes hair’s PH level. It opens the cuticle of the hair, allowing the color to penetrate and absorbed. This process causes hair to change its color.  

Through time, our scientists and hair experts have discovered the cons of using these two chemicals to our tresses. Repeated use of ammonia-based hair dyes can permanently damage our hair cuticles. This causes our strands to lose moisture, making them dry and brittle. Once the hair is damaged, it is irreversible. Most ammonia-based hair colors do not have necessary ingredients that protect the strands.

With the rise of herbal hair dyes, we can still achieve the hair color we desire to have. What makes herbal-based hair dye beneficial to use? Here are the reasons why you should consider using herbal hair dye now.

  1. Damage no more

This is one of the best benefits of using herbal hair colors. It does not harm your hair because it does not contain chemical-harming agents that impair the health of your strands. Likewise, it retains the structure of your hair as no structural bonds are broken.

  • Safer to use

Since herbal hair colorant does not contain harmful ingredients, you are assured that it is safe to use. You are also free from the unwanted sting that causes your skin or eyes to irritate or to inhale a toxic scent.

  • Retains hair’s health

Herbal hair colors do not only provide vivid and rich color to your hair, but they also keep your strands soft, shiny, and strong.  

Novelina Cosmetics recognizes the need to keep your colored hair beautiful and healthy. That is why it introduces its line of Herbal Hair Colorants that are safer to use yet more friendly on the budget. Novelina brings you the following herbal hair colorants:

Novelina Zeelke Herbal Hair Color Powder – a do-it-yourself, Japanese formulated herbal hair color that keeps your hair color vibrant and healthy. It contains Fleece Flower (Fo-Ti) extract that helps stop premature graying. It also restores hair’s natural color.  It also has the following herbal extracts: Malunggay extract that enables the hair follicles to induce hair growth stronger and healthier; Aloe Vera extract is an agent that conditions the hair; and, Panax Ginseng Root is a hair growth stimulant that helps in the prevention of hair loss. Novelina Zeelke Herbal Hair Color Powder is free from harsh chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that contribute to premature graying, as well as brittle and dry hair. Available in three colors – Natural Black, Natural Brown, Chestnut Brown and Crimson Red. Novelina Zeelke Herbal Hair Color Powder is reasonably priced at P29.00 for a 6-gram sachet packaging.

  • Novelina Zeelke Herbal Cream Hair Color – a Japanese formulation and do-it-yourself permanent line of hair color that provide a wider range of hair colors as it uses quality ingredients to achieve your desired hair color. Also enhance with herbal extracts, it doesn’t sting and doesn’t have a harsh odor. Its gentle formulation prevents hair from drying while its color remains vibrant for a long time.  Available in various hair colors, which include Natural Black, Natural Brown, Chestnut Brown, Golden Brown and Burgundy. For only P299.00, Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color comes with a professional hair color kit, which includes: 60g professional hair color, 2 oz developer, Novelina Shampoo and Conditioner, hairbrush and gloves.

Novelina Cosmetics realizes that being stylish does not mean you have to compromise the health of your hair. For more information about these novel products, visit Novelina’s Facebook page or its website:

Spice up your favorite dish with Jufran’s premium range of sauces

NutriAsia’s Jufran has recently introduced its new, sleek and modern packaging to suit its market of young, contemporary adults with discriminating taste.

Together with the launch of the fresh look for its banana ketchup, hot sauce, and sweet chilli sauce was the introduction in the Philippine market of Jufran’s new Sriracha variants: Jufran Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and Jufran Sriracha Tomato Ketchup.

According the condiment maker NutriAsia, these innovations by Jufran were developed for the young, adventurous millennials who continuously seek great food experiences. With Jufran’s unique appeal and taste that enlivens every meal, even simple snacks such as French fries, lobster balls, and chicken wings will be made irresistibly delicious.

Grab you own bottle of Jufran premium line of sauces from selected supermarkets such as SM, Rustan’s, Robinsons, Landmark, and Waltermart and experience Jufran’s irresistible new flavors.

For more irresistibly good recipes, follow us on Facebook @JufranOfficial.

COOK Magazine’s 9th K-Pop Holiday Bash

The Cook Magazine Team; from left: Account Manager Maribel Avelis, Editor in Chief Dino Datu, Managing Editor Magnolia Silvestre, Account Manager Leah Bonotan, Publisher T. Anthony Cabangon Chua, Advertising Sales Manager Marlon Aldenese, Graphic Artist Shaira Barnuevo, and Account Manager Michael Pituc

It’s that time of year again! For the 9th straight year, COOK Magazine has been throwing a thanksgiving party for all our friends and supporters. This year, we’re going K-Pop! Quirky, fun-loving and full of energy, K-Pop or Korean pop culture has taken the world by storm. While COOK Magazine hasn’t conquered the world just yet, our team is composed of mixed bag of quirks, unique personalities that come together each and every month to produce a magazine distinctly our own. At 19 years, COOK has been in the industry far longer than most. In fact, we’re the only monthly culinary magazine published now, a feat possible only through your support.

COOK’s 9th Holiday Bash is also an opportunity for our friends and advertisers to let loose a little, to bring out their fun and creative selves. We can’t be all work and no play! After another year of grinding, of partnerships and collaborations, it’s now time celebrate!


Some of COOK Magazine’s columnists were also on hand to receive their certificates of appreciation.  Consultant and Chef Theodore “Day” Salonga, Chef Bruce Lim, Award-winning Baker Chef Gel Salonga-Datu, Recipe Developer and Consultant Chef Editha Singian, Baker and Instructor Chef Jojo Cuesta-Javier, Pastry Chef and Instructor Edward Mateo, Culture and Travel and Food Writer Roel Hoang Manipon and UK based travel writer and photographer Lisa Asuncion-Feliciano are the magazine’s regular columnists.      

COOK Magazine’s yearly theme has become a costume event wherein guests who take the trouble to wear the prescribed attire get to walk the “runway” stage. This year’s theme is K-Pop. This was also an opportunity for Lariza Garcia, COOK’s grand prize winner three years running, to transfer her literal crown. Wearing an authentic embroidered fuschia hanbok that she borrowed from a Korea-based friend, Lariza said she had it flown specifically for the event, which she has to dry clean and immediately send back. This kind of effort reminds us why she is in our Hall of Fame.  Second Runner-Up went to budding instagram influencer Sylvester Sy, First Runner-Up is Chef Lena Tan-Arcenas, Culinary Services Manager of San Miguel Foods Culinary Center who channeled a K-Pop Schoolgirl complete with a Blackpink lightstick. She said she consulted her daughter for the look who advised her that her the attire shouldn’t be matchy-matchy.  First place went to Joe Abad (technically), but he and Chuck Aquino, are more popularly known collectively as IG influencers “Chuck and Joe” presented their BTS inspired animal prints with a short choreography.    

Hundreds of raffle prizes such as appliances, hotel restaurant buffets and overnight stays at the country’s top hotels were given away.  The grand prizes include a refrigerator from Whirpool, a stove from Tecnogas, a SHARP TV, and  a 3-day, 2-night stay at Maribago Blue Water Hotel in Bohol complete with a round trip airfare for 2 pax from Cebu Pacific.   

Perry Gamboa, Choi Soriano, and COOK Advertising Manager Marlon Aldenese hosted the event.  

Food and Wine

Because food and dining is the crux of what COOK Magazine is all about, expectations are always high when we hold this bash that the food will be good and plentiful; and for that, we can only thank the generosity of our sponsors and friends, without whom this holiday feast would not be possible.

Selah Hotel is located at 715 Park Ave, Pasay, Metro Manila which offered: Assorted Maki, Caesar Salad, Spinach and Crab Meat Soup, Pork Spareribs with Smoked Hickory Sauce, Chicken Cordon Bleu with Tartar Sauce, Mixed Tempura, Chicken Parmesan Pasta, Brocolli with Beef Tendon, Baklava Fingers, Mango Ball Tapioca

 The Aristocrat Restaurant is certainly a restaurant that needs no introduction, and they offer their most iconic dishes:  3- pc Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice,

For over 15 years, Cowboy Grill has been the place for live bands, great food where everybody can enjoy. Entrance to their establishments is free and everybody is welcome to the party. On their Holiday Bash Table:  Rice, Bam-i, Pork Sisig, Steamed Vegetables, Beef Caldereta, Adobo, Coffee Jelly

Kabaleyan Eatery came all the way from Pangasinan to give a taste of the province’s flavors and their own unique take on local cuisine: Binagoongang Pork Adobo, Roasted Bagoong Chicken, Urdujas Pinakbet, Binalonan Pasta.

Lydia’s Lechon, home of the Philippines’ original boneless lechon stuffed with seafood paella, has been serving its customers for more than 50 years, from a small stall in Baclaran to over 25 stores. Lydia’s Lechon aims to bring Filipino dishes like how it’s made at home, along with its signature best lechon recipe that’s been with the family since the 1960’s.

From COOK Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Chef Dino Datu prepared Braised Canadian Beef Cheeks in Red Wine. The Strip Loin is sponsored by the Embassy of Canada. Canada Beef is committed to ensuring that Filipino consumers are able to enjoy Canadian beef through selected brand partners in the Philippines. 

Brooklyn Pizza, “A Slice of New York” is a Filipino corporation known for authentic New York pizzas. They offer New York-style comfort food with a Filipino touch with pizza, pasta, rice meals. 

Everybody looks forward to the innovative tweaks on native delicacies from Aging’s Food Delight: Assorted Kakanin, Ube Pandesal with Cheese and Halaya, Crinkles, Cookies, Choco Butternut Slice, Suman Cake

Chef Jojo Cuesta Javier’s Sweetielicious Homemade Goodies presented a Cherry Blossom themed Cake and cupcakes. Chef Edward Mateo’s Royal Patisserie provided delicious cupcakes.  Cake of Hearts by July Abella Panganiban also had a glamour girl and High fashion brands themed dessert spread to complement the K-Pop Theme.

All that feasting wouldn’t be complete without the classic red and white wines provided by Gato Negro Wines and demi-sec sparkling rosè wines from Woomera.

At Cook Magazine, the love for food has taken us everywhere. This same passion for food is what we’d like to share with our most ardent supporters. By feeding you what we cooked ourselves and those prepared by our friends, we aim to keep the fire burning. May our partnerships last for another 20 years and beyond.

We would also like to express our sincerest gratitude to those who’ve made the Holiday Bash a success. To Holiday Inn Express and House Manila, who year after year have provided a home for our annual party, thank you. COOK magazine would like to thank the following:     



• Aging’s Food Delight  • Brooklyn’s New York Pizza • The Aristocrat Restaurant Since 1936 • Canadian Beef • Cowboy Grill, Since 1994 • Gato Negro Wines • Kabaleyan Eatery The Original Pangasinense Dishes • Lydia’s Lechon • Royal Patisserie • Selecta • Sweetielicious Homemade Goodies • The Selah Garden Hotel • Woomera Wines


• Beans Etcetera • Belmont Hotels & Resorts • Bluewater Resorts • Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel • Bosch Invented For Life • Bank of The Philippine Islands • Cadbury Dairy Milk • Caeli Gourmet • Cebu Pacific • Century Park Hotel • Cheez Whiz • City Of Dreams Manila • Coco Mama • Cookiebreak.Ph • Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria • Dermablend • Diana Stalder • Direct To Consumer Promos, Inc.  • Eastwood Richmonde Hotel • Eden • Eurotel • F1 Hotel Manila • Fujidenzo Appliances, Quality Above All • Full Circle Communications, Inc. • Gardenia • Glorious Blend • Harvest Hotel • Hicaps • Hightower • Hotel Celeste • Hotel Jen Manila • King Sue Since 1930 • Knorr Sure Lasap • Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar • Makati Diamond Residences • Marca Piña • Marco Polo Ortigas Manila • Marriott Manila • Masflex Cookware &  Kitchenware • Mega Prime • Mekeni Since 1986 • Nana Nadal • Oreo • Perfect Shots Photobooth • Petron Gasul • Phoenix Super Lpg • Photoman • PRC Inc. • Richmonde Hotel Iloilo • Richmonde Hotel Ortigas • Jem J • Rite ‘N Lite • San Miguel Corporation • San Miguel Foods • Savoy Hotel Manila • Sharp • Sheraton Manila Hotel • SM • Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila • Sweet & Fit Stevia Natural Sweetener • Taal Vista Hotel • Tang • The Big Difference  Communications • The Heritage Hotel • Tiger Energy • Ucc Good Coffee Smile • Unilever Food Solutions • WrecOver • Whirlpool Appliances • Winford Manila Resort & Casino


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