Foliage, the newest hair care line by David’s Salon, was launched last August 6, 2019 at Blue Leaf Filipinas. Made with natural ingredients and formulated with the highest standards, Foliage Professional Hair Care is the affordable and uncomplicatedanswer to the needs of both salon clients and hairdressers.

The products launched were the Alpha Keratin line, A.plexx, and Hair Booster. The Alpha Keratin line includes salon products no.1 purifying shampoo, a deep-cleaning shampoo that prepares hair for treatment, and no.2 treatment, which is made from natural Brazilian keratin extracts. The line is completed with home care products no.3 daily shampoo and no.4 daily conditioner. Used together, treated hair can last up to 2-3 months. A.plexxis a flexible two-step treatment that may be used together with other salon services like rebonding, coloring, bleaching, or perming to strengthen hair, or as a standalone treatment. Lastly, the Hair Booster is an intensive ceramide treatment that repairs and reconstructs hair, making it a recommended treatment for hair loss or damaged hair.

Ballerinas from the Halili-Cruz School of Ballet welcomed the guests as they danced to start the program, and after that, the Foliage brand and products were introduced to the 400 guests consisting David’s Salon stylists and VIPs.To represent the brand’s effortless yet hardworking qualities, stylists from David’s Salon branches were selected to make up the Foliage 30 Naturally Beautiful. The inspirational men and women walked the runway as their colleagues cheered them on.

David’s Salon stylists Mr. JojieSamonte (SM Makati branch), Ms. Dories Anagap (SM City North EDSA), Ms. Bea Pascua (SM Marikina), and Mr. Christian Lualhati (Tutuban) gave their testimonies as users of Foliage.  The products were developed for over a year with David’s Salon Academy, and Ms. Lorna Sandoval, David’s Salon Academy Training Director, affirmed that this is a product line that addresses the modern needs of both clients and stylists today.

Mr. David Charlton, CEO and Founder of David’s Salon, was there to deliver his message. He envisioned hair care that would be at par with the best salon products in the market today, but made with natural ingredients and had a very competitive price. Thus bloomed Foliage – natural hair care that is high-quality yet affordable.

The launch was hosted by David’s Salon brand ambassador Marybeth Nave, and Affinage Philippines Brand Ambassador and Creative Director Nick Manalo.



Foliage hair care products have simple solutions to basic hair issues. Frizzy hair? Get those strands smooth with natural Keratin. Constant coloring, rebonding, or perming? Get A.plexx for A+ protection. Damaged hair and hair Loss? Heal from the roots with natural ceramides in our Hair Booster.

With a Foliage hair care product ready to cater to your every need, great hair is just a salon visit away.

Foliage Alpha Keratin

Smoothen your hair the natural way with Keratin! Keratin is an essential protein that is naturally found in hair. During the Foliage keratin treatment, your hair is repaired with hair proteins that strengthen and smoothens each strand. This can last for as long as 2-3 months. Hair feels soft and looks shiny after a keratin treatment because you actually have healthier hair, and Foliage has created the most advanced value-for-money keratin treatment in the market today!

no.1 purifying shampoo –  Deep cleans your hair and prepares it for the treatment. It removes product build-up, oils, and other dirt that may be in your strands, so this hard-working purifying shampoo makes sure your hair follicles are clean and ready to absorb all the keratin.

no.2 treatment – With its advanced blend of smoothening ingredients, the keratin treatment makes frizzy and kinky hair smooth and manageable. Made with only the most gentle and natural ingredients, it is formaldehyde-free and made with Brazilian Keratin extracts. This requires less steps than other keratin treatments, making it easier and faster to do.

no.3 daily shampoo and no.4 daily conditioner – Extend the life of your keratin treatment with the daily shampoo and conditioner. Specially formulated for keratin-treated hair, this hair care pair is a handy, at-home solution for making sure your hair stays smooth and silky, even after you’ve left the salon!

Foliage A.plexx

Add extra protection and vitality when getting to your hair while getting it colored, lightened, permed, or rebonded with the Foliage A.plexx! This very useful and flexible two-step treatment can be used safely along with other salon services, and shields each strand from breakage and damage. Change styles with confidence, knowing your hair is protected by A.plexx.

Repair – A.plexx 1 Repair is the friendly solution that goes well with other salon services. Mix A.plexx 1 Repair to coloring, bleaching, perming, or rebonding solutions. You can also use it on its own as a hair treatment!

Recondition – Make sure to seal the deal and lock all the goodness in with A.plexx 2 recondition. The A.plexx 2 recondition is a treatment that seals the cuticles, and makes sure that hair is at its shiny, healthy best!

Foliage Hair Booster The Foliage Hair Booster is an intensive ceramide treatment that repairs  your hair. Ceramides are naturally found in skin cells and act as a conditioning agent which not only locks all the good nutrients in, it also strengthens the hair shaft itself! This serum reconstructs damaged hair at the roots, making it an ideal treatment for hair loss as well. For repair that starts at the roots, trust the Foliage Hair Booster.

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