Choosing the right bedding can improve your respiration

Asthma is a medical conditions that obstructs the airways in the lungs. If you are an asthma sufferer, your airways are often inflamed and at risk. The numbers are growing with 315 Million cases worldwide and 8% of which is contributed by our country.

Determining what triggers your attacks will be helpful in managing this condition.Asthma attacks can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as allergens, illness, smoke, exercise, weather changes, drugs and even food we eat.

Asthma symptoms include Shortness of breath, Chest tightness or pain, difficulty in sleeping, coughing or wheezing.

Studies have revealed that our airways tend to limit its function at 4:00 in the morning, while most people are asleep. During slumber, our airways tend to restrict as resistance develops in both upper and lower airways. Most people continue to sleep without problem, but for asthmatics, the narrowing airways trigger an episode.

Our bodies could be reacting in real-time to allergens in the bedroom, such as dust mites, that may be in our mattress. Dust mites are microscopic insects that are found by the thousands in the average home. Any type of movement, like walking around in the bedroom, turning over in bed or shaking the bedding, can cause the allergens to be released into the air. It is these waste products that irritate your airways and cause an asthma attack.

In addition to regularly cleaning your sheets and blankets, you should also protect against dust mites with hypoallergenic bedding options.

AKEMI offers a wide range of beddings that are known to be hypoallergenic as well as specialty sheets that inhibits bacterial growth. The brand has been in the country since 2004 and have been offering high-quality options for consumers.

One of AKEMI specialty fabric line is their TENCEL technology which is made from botanical origin which is cellulose of wood pulp. The fibers are completely natural and hypoallergenic.

TENCEL fabric has its natural cooling properties. With its outstanding moisture management, TENCEL absorbs excess liquid and quickly releases it again into the atmosphere.It inhibits bacteria growth effectively due to its moisture management capabilities, thus wearing a bedding made of AKEMI TENCEL significantly improves health, comfort and promotes the feeling of well-being.

AKEMI Beddings are available in most SM Home section nationwide. Visit AKEMI Facebook page: for more info and home improvement ideas.

Importance of Vitamin C supplementation for Wellness

Filipinos are steadily becoming aware of healthy living which is significantly apparent with the propagation of health & wellness event happening around the country. One of the recently concluded wellness event was held at Makati Shangri-la dubbed as Global Wellness Dayand a leading brand in the health industry, Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate sponsored this advocacy.

Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate supported the event as part of its effort in spreading awareness on how important it is to incorporate vitamin c in your workouts. Bewell-C Sodium ascorbate is a brand of vitamin C which is non-acidic and is safe taken even on an empty stomach.

Health buffs came in hordes and participated in various activities such as Yoga, Dance marathon, cross training and nutritional discussion presented by Coaches Jim & Toni Saret of FitFil. One of the nutrition topic is related to Vitamin supplementation. Vitamin C is involved in a number of biochemical pathways that are important to exercise metabolism and the health of exercising individuals.

In general, a person need around 90mg of Vitamin C daily, but those who does steady workouts are on a different level. If you regularly train for an hour or so, then you need more than this amount. Depending on your activity level, one would require 1000mg all the way up to 3,000mg daily.

There is even a study that shows that intense exercise training may cause oxidative damage to your muscles resulting in the need for antioxidant to help with muscle recover and repair after training.

Another benefit of Vitamin C is that it helps with tissue repair and muscle growth. Then there is the fact that this nutrient forms a protein called collagen, which assists with your skin and the maintenance of bones and cartilage. This is definitely an important nutrient for athletes to have in their diet. Those who are involve in weight training and supplements on collagen on the other hand may benefit with Vitamin C assisting with protein metabolism.

Furthermore, in order for individuals to achieve regular exercise, one has to be healthy and full of stamina. Vitamin C boosts your immune system keeping you healthy and helps your body protect itself against free radicals.

In taking Vitamin C supplements, make sure you are using its safest form.  Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate, a non-acidic Vitamin C is safe to be taken in large doses to achieve its full potential.

Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate is available in Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. For more health guide and updates, Visit their Facebook page: .


Seaway Magazine celebrates the International Day of the Seafarer’s thru a Trade Expo last June 20, 2019 at the Seafarer Center, SM City Manila. 

Organized by Seaway Officials,C/E Ronald Labilles – Pres.& CEO, Capt. Samuel Dela Cruz – VP, Eloi Calimoso– Chief Editor and Ms. Marjerie Catenza as Project Head.

The event is in partnership with SM Seafarer Center,Malaya Newspaper,JMG, Pagcor, Duty Free, Pag-Ibig, Star Ocean, Go Hotels, Suntrust, Westminster, Eastern Ocean, Auriga, Integrated Seafarers, TK,Torm, Fast Cat, BPI, PNB, Sun Life, AMOSUP and other Govt. & Maritime Agency. 


The only event that brings together all the stakeholders of the transport and logistics industry in one venue this coming July 24 – 26 happening at SMX Convention Centre, Pasay City, Manila. Four related shows will be occupying more than 9,000 sqm of exhibition spae with more than 300 exhibitors and expecting beyond 10,000 buyers and visitors on the C-level and top management categories will be gracing the event. “We are very excited to present to you this year’s roster of exhibition and the pocket events. And we are proud of the tremendous increase in interest of exhibitors and buyers at the upcoming show end of this month. We are very honored to be a significant contributor of the Philippine government’s Build Build Build program as we bring together the most important players of the transportation and logistics industries from commercial vehicles that transport goods and services from one island to the other, to aggressive move of modernizing our public transport system, and to be able to bring in investors to the country who will support the construction of our major infrastructure including major brands that will help construct our roads and bridges of the future. As organizer, it is our duty to bring together the best brands and the key buyers in the exhibition floor and provide knowledge of the latest trends and innovation combined with the best global practices in the different fields of transportation and logistics. “ said by Nerza Del Rosario, Country Manager, AMB Tarsus Philippines. PhilAuto Show – attracts local and international exhibitors and prides to be a business-to-business tradeshow that delivers top quality trade buyers and decision makers. It is known to feature the latest auto parts, accessories and service & repair equipment and supplies. PhilAuto is considered the best platform for the automotive aftermarket industry players to show and source for new supplies and check out the latest trends and innovations. This event in strongly supported by the Philippine Automotive Traders Association Inc. whose members are the key distributors of automotive parts across the country. PhilBus Truck Expo – brings in the truck manufacturers to showcase their latest commercial vehicles on the floor. With the government campaign to modernize public and commercial transportation, this expo is becoming one significant event in the realization of the Philippines rally to better public transportation standards for all Filipinos. We are proud to bring together the movers and shakers of the Bus and Truck industry, as we welcome big truck and bus manufacturers like Hino, Isuzu, Forton, Sinotruck, Kia, Shell and Caltex. It is also our honor that this event is being graced by the biggest associations like the National Federation of Transport Cooperative, Confederation of Truckers Associations of the Philippines, Nagkakaisang Samahan ng Nangangasiwa ng Panlalawigang Bus ng Pilipinas (formerly PBOAP), Haulers and Truckers Associations in the Watersouth (HATAW), Inland Haulers & Truckers Association (INHTA), Aduana Business Club Inc. (ABCI), Alliance of the Philippines Custom Brokers and Trucking Associations. The expo will also host pocket events like Truckers Forum, Bus Summit, and the Transport Cooperative National Congress. Coldchain Expo – our two year old show will welcomes a new roster of local and international Exhibitors in the Cold Chain industry including but not limited to Reefer Containers, Refrigerated Trucks, Insulations, RFID Technology, Solar Panels, Cold Storage & Warehousing, Solar & Alternative Energy Sources, Packaging and the likes. ColdChain Expo also hosting for the second year the Cold Chain Academy which will discuss topics from Cold Chain Automation & Maintanance to food service distribution, efficient solutions for warehouse and many more. The Cold Chain Expo & Conference are strongly supported by ColdChain Association of the Phillippines (CCAP) Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association of the Philippines (PHAP), Philippine Multimodal Transportation Incorporated (PMTLAI), and Philippine Association of Meat Processors Inc. (PAMPI). Construction, Machinery & Exhibition Expo – A new show in partnership with China National Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation, AMB Tarsus Events Group and China Engineering & Technology Expo (CET) that aims to strengthen the relationship of China and Philippines. Construction, Machinery and Exhibition is co-located with The China-Philippines Infrastructure, Investment and Construction Forum that is set to feature a panel representing the leaders of top construction companies in both countries sharing key ideas for cooperation between the two countries. Pre – register online today at or If you are interested to attend the conference, you may contact / 02 386 0727 / 0917 686 4070. AMB Tarsus is the proud organizer of the Philippines International Auto Parts, Accessories, Service & Repair Equipment Exhibition (PhilAuto 2019) and the Philippines International Bus, Truck & Commercial Vehicle Exhibition (Philippine Bus & Truck 2019) and the Biggest International Cold Chain Expo in the Philippines (ColdChain PH) for 5 years. AMB Tarsus Exhibitions Sdn. Bhd, an associate of AMB Tarsus Group, a joint venture with Tarsus Group PLC, a listed company in the London Stock Exchange is the leading international trade shows organizer in the region covering Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, SriLanka, Philippines and Vietnam since 1996.

“DonKiss Supporters are Unstoppable “

DonKiss is one of the strongest fandoms there is and they have proven their loyalty to their idols with a tremendous amount of support and love through various ways that you could ever think of. Twitter Parties? Donkiss fans loves to do that they even form hashtags such as this hashtag that blew the twitter world for it reached a thousand plus number of tweets and hashtag that is #DonkissFamilyIsLove that reached 827,000 tweets last December 12,2018 wow that’s crazy right?! and I believe that it is not the only hashtag that the fans trend they have a lot of hashtags that they try to trend every day. What they do is they always insert their hashtag of the day in all of their tweets just to support their favorite love team how amazing is that, and don’t even get me started with team live! I think half of the audience in ASAP (A noontime variety show) are DonKiss supporters that’s how the fans show their undying love to Kisses and Donny. Did you know that some DK fans in team live are professionals, students or even mothers but they still make it a point to see their idols and support them by screaming their names as their idols faces are flashed in the screen. Being a DonKiss fan is not just idolizing Donny and Kisses but it is also about being considerate of the members because for sure Donny and Kisses doesn’t want that their fans are not doing great. What’s good about DonKiss fans is when someone is feeling down or in the verge of giving up they help each other, they pull each other up instead of just not giving a damn. It’s just that they couldn’t take anyone for granted which I find unique about this fandom, some of them gives advice through social media, some even started vlogging about DonKiss which is a good idea to spread more positivity through YouTube. All I can say is that DK fans are stronger than you think, they are indestructible, whatever happens they’ll still stick together no matter what. Another example on how DonKiss fans are unstoppable is their recent project in Mall Of Asia yes you’ve read that right the only Mall of Asia in Pasay city. The fans flashed videos of Donny and Kisses in the famous Globemaze and we all know ( if you are living in the Philippines) that it is so big that a lot of people can see it. Did you know that DonKiss fans are the first ones to ever sponsored their idols to be in an

Add placed in the Globemaze? Imagine putting so much effort like that just to support your idol is really something, it requires a huge amount of passion and love for it to make a reality but for DonKiss fans it sure is an easy peasy. It seems like the Globe represents the fans of the love team, for it is so big that it even reached different countries, it defied different kinds of barriers such as age range, language and time frame. As we went over to the simplest down to the craziest amazing things that this fandom could do one thing is for sure their love and care for DonKiss is indestructible, loving Donkiss for them Is like breathing fresh air it is so refreshing that they don’t want to stop it, that amount of passion is something that should be treasured, even if there are times when they feel down or if something wrong they still manage to calm down and get a grip of themselves that they will not stop, they will never get tired and they will continue to be strong for one another and for their beloved loveteam Donny and Kisses. When times get rough they don’t give in, they don’t lose hope they won’t fall because Donkiss Fans are UNSTOPPABLE!

The Bamboo and the 21st Century Project Manager

The bamboo and its capacity to bend with the howling wind without breaking is quite possibly the best metaphor for what it would take to thrive in today’s VUCA world. Angela Duckworth refers to such capacity as grit. Dr. Paul Stoltz, on the other hand, introduced the concept of adversity quotient (AQ) to measure the latter. Interestingly, both researchers agree that grit and AQ could be learned. Such complements and reinforces the theme of the 2019 National Symposium on Project Management: “PMI @ 50: Building People, Developing Practice, Enabling Progress.” That is to say, the ideal project management practitioner can only enable progress to the extent that he/she invests in the basics of building people first by way of PM knowledge, skills and yes, grit and AQ! At the symposium, over a dozen world-renowned project management speakers and practitioners will be sharing their insights and best practices to enhance the capacity of project managers to be as agile and as resilient as the bamboo. The 2019 Symposium is extra-special as PMI celebrates its 50th anniversary of providing the global gold standard for managing projects effectively. All project managers across various industries, whether PMP-certified or not will definitely take away countless ideas and numerous best practices from the featured speakers.

The VUCA world isn’t going away anytime soon. So if you’re reading this and you’re serious about thriving instead of just surviving the 21st century, reserve your seat at the 2019 PMI National Symposium today.

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Rainy Day Unli Warts Away!

Can’t get out on a rainy day? Uplift your self – esteem by reclaiming divine clear skin with our Unlimited Warts Removal Treatment.

Zap away those excessive skin growths to prevent them from spreading. Warts are communicable when we share our soaps, towels and in any activity with skin to skin contact. Through our painless electro cautery warts removal procedureit will help   remove these itchy tiny bump that appear on our skin.

Post Wart Kit would help fasten wound healing. Products include Dermablend Cleansing Milk that would soothe, moisturize and hydrate the skin. Dermablend Zinc Oxide 10% Cream with Aloe and Dermablend Hydrocortisone 1% Cream that promotes wound healing, relieves inflammation and prevents redness and itch.

After the recommended healing period, this will be the perfect time to bring back radiant clear skin through our Skin Vigoration Treatment. The procedure is best in reducingscars and promoting collagen production, thus preventing age spots, pimple marks, fine lines and wrinkles.Diamond Peel is also a perfect combination to treat dark spots making the skin glowafter the treatment.

You may also visit DianaStalder clinics and to learn more of Diana Stalder’s products and services, visit the official website at and follow us on our social media accounts; Facebook:, Twitter: @Diana_stalder and Instagram: @dianastalder. You may also visit the following Diana Stalder branches near you.

Gateway Mall, Basement 2, Araneta Center Cubao

(02)351.0299 | +63 917 6218468

SM Megamall, 5/F Bldg A, Mandaluyong City

(02)531.5644 | +63 917 6265362

SM Calamba, 3/F, Calamba Laguna

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Sharing is Caring: F1 Hotel Manila’s Community Engagement Programme

With the goal of promoting social awareness and giving back to the community, F1 Hotel Manila held the #F1Cares: Community Engagement Programme once again at Grace – Home for the Elderlyor Golden Reception & Action Center for the Elderly and other Special Cases (formerly as Golden Acres Home for the Elderly), which is under the management of the government institution DSWD. The activity was held last June 1, Saturday, headed by General Manager, Cindy Brual along with the hotel’s Department Heads to show gratitude and appreciation to the previous generation who played a big part in cultivating and preserving our treasured cultural traditions.

Being successful through its seven years in the hospitality industry, F1 Hotel Manila wishes to extend its vision not only to its in-house guests but also by providing its beneficiaries a “Home of Happy Experiences”. F1 Hotel Manila believes that the success and the milestones it has achieved were attained through trust, partnership, and compromise.  Extending the hotel’s ability to nurture hospitality is naught compared to the support it has received through the years. As a way of showing gratitude, F1 Hotel Manila continues to provide quality service that would make guests and partners feel home and happiness at the same experience.

For inquiries, please call (02) 908-7888. For online booking and more information, please visit For hotel updates and special offerings, follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @f1hotelmanila.

Save the Children Philippines calls on mothers to breastfeed newborns as national nutrition survey reveals rising cases of malnutrition among babies and pre-schoolers

Save the Children Philippines urged mothers to exclusively breastfeed their newborns as malnutrition remains on steady rise among babies and pre-schoolers in the country. 

Lawyer Albert Muyot, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Save the Children Philippines said community health and nutrition workers should intensify campaigns on breastfeeding, complementary feeding and proper nutrition particularly among children of deprived families and marginalized communities.

He raised concern over the results of the 2018 Expanded National Nutrition Survey by the Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) presented last June 24 which showed increasing prevalence of malnutrition and anemia among babies and toddlers.

Atty. Muyot said the nutrition survey serves as “a wake-up call” in time for Nutrition Month being observed every July. 

Anemia cases among babies six to 11 months increased to 48.2 per cent in 2018 from 40.5 per cent in 2013, while anemia among toddlers aged one to two years old have increased to 35.4 per cent last year from 24.7 per cent in 2013.

Stunting, a life threatening condition due to chronic undernutrition remains high at 36.6 per cent for children two years old in 2018, from 36.2 per cent in 2013.

Malnutrition among pre-schoolers is also high particularly among three years old at 33.8 per cent in 2018 from 38.6 in 2013; and four years old at 30.2 per cent last year from 36.8 in 2013.

“Exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months and continued breastfeeding up to two years old will provide critical nutrients and protection to infants against life threatening diseases and improve their immune system,” said Muyot.

Globally, exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months prevents deaths of 1.3 million children below five years old every year.

Save the Children Philippines had been campaigning to eradicate malnutrition among children through maternal and child health and nutrition programs for children and pregnant and lactating mothers in deprived areas in the cities of Malabon, Navotas and Caloocan of Metro Manila as well as conflict affected areas of Mindanao.

Muyot urged local leaders to implement Republic Act 11148 or the First 1,000 Days Law that ensures optimum health and nutrition for children from conception up to two years old.

He said the first 1,000 days of a child’s life is considered a “critical window of opportunity” when physical growth and brain development are very crucial, and damage could be permanent or irreversible.

“We call on local government leaders to invest in safe motherhood and children’s health and well-being by providing more funds for maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition programs,” said Mr. Muyot.

He lauded the cities of Malabon, Navotas and Caloocan that have adopted the First 1,000 Days law into local city ordinances and allocated funds to improve the health and nutrition status of pregnant and lactating mothers and children below two years old.

Dr. Amado Parawan, Health and Nutrition Advisor of Save the Children Philippines said government programs on maternal and child health and nutrition should focus on priority areas with high malnutrition rates, mostly in conflict affected areas in Mindanao.

“We need to focus our nutrition programs in priority areas with high malnutrition rates to achieve the targets in the 2017 – 2022 Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition,” said Dr. Parawan who serves as private sector representative to the National Nutrition Council Governing Board. 

Save the Children Philippines advocated for the passage of Republic Act 11148, known as Kalusugan ng Mag-Nanay Act to implement maternal and child health and nutrition in the first 1,000 days of the child’s life using the Nurturing Care Framework developed by the World Health Organization, World Bank and UNICEF.

“Malnutrition is a very complex problem with long-term effects physically, mentally and socially. With the passage of RA 11148, now is the perfect time to mobilize collaborative actions from all sectors. We should always remember that takes a village to raise and nurture a child,” said Dr. Parawan.