Choosing the right bedding can improve your respiration

Asthma is a medical conditions that obstructs the airways in the lungs. If you are an asthma sufferer, your airways are often inflamed and at risk. The numbers are growing with 315 Million cases worldwide and 8% of which is contributed by our country. Determining what triggers your attacks will be helpful in managing this... Continue Reading →

Importance of Vitamin C supplementation for Wellness

Filipinos are steadily becoming aware of healthy living which is significantly apparent with the propagation of health & wellness event happening around the country. One of the recently concluded wellness event was held at Makati Shangri-la dubbed as Global Wellness Dayand a leading brand in the health industry, Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate sponsored this advocacy. Bewell-C... Continue Reading →


Seaway Magazine celebrates the International Day of the Seafarer’s thru a Trade Expo last June 20, 2019 at the Seafarer Center, SM City Manila.  Organized by Seaway Officials,C/E Ronald Labilles - Pres.& CEO, Capt. Samuel Dela Cruz - VP, Eloi Calimoso– Chief Editor and Ms. Marjerie Catenza as Project Head. The event is in partnership... Continue Reading →

“DonKiss Supporters are Unstoppable “

DonKiss is one of the strongest fandoms there is and they have proven their loyalty to their idols with a tremendous amount of support and love through various ways that you could ever think of. Twitter Parties? Donkiss fans loves to do that they even form hashtags such as this hashtag that blew the twitter... Continue Reading →

Become our Reseller

Just an ordinary employee? How about adding a little bit of extra to it? Be your own boss and start your own business! Think like the inner entrepreneur that you are and ask these extra questions to yourself: • How can I start my own business FAST? • Can I start even with a SMALL... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Unli Warts Away!

Can’t get out on a rainy day? Uplift your self - esteem by reclaiming divine clear skin with our Unlimited Warts Removal Treatment. Zap away those excessive skin growths to prevent them from spreading. Warts are communicable when we share our soaps, towels and in any activity with skin to skin contact. Through our painless... Continue Reading →

Save the Children Philippines calls on mothers to breastfeed newborns as national nutrition survey reveals rising cases of malnutrition among babies and pre-schoolers

Save the Children Philippines urged mothers to exclusively breastfeed their newborns as malnutrition remains on steady rise among babies and pre-schoolers in the country.  Lawyer Albert Muyot, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Save the Children Philippines said community health and nutrition workers should intensify campaigns on breastfeeding, complementary feeding and proper nutrition particularly among children... Continue Reading →

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