Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato is a sweet wine that features flavors of peach layered with sweet aromatics and tropic fruits. Subtle floral notes with a hint of red fruit and citrus together give the wine a pleasing finish.    

Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato was introduced to the Trade in a Pink Evening last March 22, 2019, held at the poolside of the newly-opened Savoy Hotel in Newport City, Pasay. The event featured an all-pink themed night which was packed with distinguished guests from the Trade and fiends of Carlo Rossi. It was a night of learning, food and games and it concluded in a stunningly PINK fashion show featuring the creations of renowned stylist, Paul Semira.

Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato, will bring a new trend in wine drinking because of its sweet, sophisticated taste and together with its playful pink color, will surely capture the hearts of new and non-wine drinkers alike.

This launch will surely create a new market segment for pink wine for which Carlo Rossi will cement its market supremacy in the country.   

Author: Peps Pepz

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